How to make a door in Minecraft


How to make a door in Minecraft

Let's talk about doors and Minecraft . In the Mojang game you can make various types of doors . In general, the amount of materials you need is the same, just change the type. If we focus on wooden doors there is more variety. Depending on the type of wood you use to craft the door, the design will be one or the other. If you have recently played Minecraft, you are still somewhat lost and do not know where to start. Today you will learn how to make a door that you can put in any type of construction.

Before going on to explain how to make a door, it is worth mentioning that if you put one in your house to prevent the passage, certain NPCs can open it , for example the villagers. That said, depending on the type of door you want to make, you will need to carry a pickaxe or an ax in your inventory to get the materials. Well, let's see what materials you need and how to craft a door.

How to make a door

To make a wooden door, the first thing of all is to obtain wood by felling trees. Next, you have to go to the workbench and put the wood. For each log you get four boards . With six wooden boards you make three doors. That's it, you don't need anything else.

To make a door you need wooden boards

Once you have the wooden planks, it is time to make the door. You simply have to put the plates on the work table to craft three doors. To make an iron door you only have to change the plates for six iron ingots . To make iron ingots.

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