How to make a fishing rod in Minecraft


How to make a fishing rod in Minecraft

All the objects that you can craft in Minecraft , to a greater or lesser extent, are useful at some point in the game. For example, the fishing rod would be a very useful object that is normally used often. By the way, did you know that it is not only good for fishing? You can also use said object to hook mobs . Also, if you use the fishing rod with a carrot you can attract pigs.

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Atlas - How to Craft & Use Fishing Rod

If you have never made a fishing rod in Mojang's game you still think it will be difficult. Well, rather it would be the opposite. You only need two types of materials . As if that were not enough, they are materials that are very easy to get. You dare? Well, I invite you to continue reading to know how to craft a fishing rod.

How to make a fishing rod

I'll start by talking about the materials. You need three wooden sticks and two strings . To know how to find wood, what types are there and what you can make with it , you just have to take a look at the guide that we published at the time. As for the thread. Unlike wood, it cannot be crafted. To obtain thread you have to destroy cobwebs or kill spiders. When killing a spider you can receive up to two threads. However, sometimes they do not release anything.

To make a fishing rod you only need several threads and wooden sticks

Once you have three wooden sticks and two threads, you can go through the work table. It is worth mentioning that if you combine two fishing rods on the work table you get one that has an additional 5% durability . An unimproved fishing rod has a durability of 64 uses.

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