How to make glass in Minecraft


How to make glass in Minecraft

Making your first house in Minecraft can take time, especially if you don't know where to start. While lifting the structure is not difficult, we cannot say the same for the decoration. You can spend hours and hours gathering the materials to make the objects. In some cases finding certain materials is quite dangerous as you have to face NPCs that are hostile.

This time we will see how to make glass and panels to use as a window . Doing both is more complicated than making a door . You have to get more types of materials. Well, here I have to make a point. Crafting glass panels is not complicated. What takes the longest are the glass blocks. With that said, let's go through the process step by step.

How to make glass

Time to walk stretch your legs. You have to go to an area where you can get sand. There is sand from deserts, beaches and certain places where there is water. Remember to bring a shovel! Grab as much sand as you can , don't skimp.

To make glass blocks you have to use the oven yes or yes, so you need coal. Charcoal is very easy to obtain. Pick in hand you have to head to a cave to chop coal ore . You can also get charcoal. To craft crystal blocks, one or the other is indifferent.

Having an oven is essential if you want to make glass blocks

Once you have sand and coal in your inventory, you can go to the oven. In the upper part of the furnace you have to put the sand, while the coal goes in the lower box . You already have crystal blocks! It has taken some time, but if you have gathered a lot of coal and sand, you will be able to craft quite a few blocks.

How to make glass panels

It is the turn of the glass panels. Now that you have glass blocks you can make panels that you can use as a window. The process is easy and fast , forget about searching the world for materials, you have everything you need in inventory.

How to make glass panels

On the work table you have to put 6 glass blocks to get 16 glass panels . By the way, if you want to tint the panels, you have to go one more step in the process of obtaining blocks. In the central square of the work table you put a tint of the color you want and in the rest of the squares you place the blocks.

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