How to make a hopper in Minecraft


How to make a hopper in Minecraft

Not having enough space in the inventory can be a problem in Minecraft , especially if we consider that you need to obtain many resources to craft objects. Luckily, you can make chests that you can use to hold whatever you want . In addition, by joining two chests you have double the space.

There is a very useful object that you can craft to move the objects that you have in inventory to certain blocks , we are talking about a hopper or funnel. You can also use a hopper to make a mechanism that takes care of the harvesting of crops, among other things.

How to make a hopper

To craft a hopper you need four iron ingots and a chest . Ax in hand you have to cut down a few trees and then go through the workbench.

A hopper has its own inventory to store all kinds of objects

Finally, place the iron ingots and the chest on the work table in the same way as in the image above to get a hopper. It is done!

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