How to make it do day or night in Minecraft


How to make it do day or night in Minecraft

In Mojang's game, Minecraft , there is a day and night cycle, however the hours do not elapse in real time . This means that the day does not have 24 hours. Let's say time is moving much faster. 20 minutes of play is the equivalent of a day in the world of Minecraft. If you play for more than 2 hours, a week will have passed in the game.

Valheim - How To Change Time of Day
Valheim - How To Change Time of Day

Like you weren't aware of, but in Minecraft you can make it be done day or night as you please . It's very easy, you just have to type a command and the magic will be done. You can also make it rain. You can do all this instantly and without the need to install a mod. Let's see how to do it.

How to change the cycle from day to night and vice versa

The first thing you should know is how to open the console to enter the corresponding command that changes the cycle. To open the console you just have to press the «T» key . Next, you have to enter the following commands:

  • / time set day (made day)
  • / night time set (gets dark)

What is easy?

Earlier I mentioned that by means of another command it is possible to make it rain . Well, you have to enter in the console:

  • / weather rain (rain)
Do you know other commands? What are your favorites?

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