How to make a lighthouse in Minecraft


How to make a lighthouse in Minecraft

When in Minecraft we talk about lighthouses, possibly the first thing you think of is the typical lighthouse that is built on the mainland and that serves as a reference to ships. Well, little or nothing has to do with it. Although in the Mojang game you can build a lighthouse, today we will see the most basic, one that has several uses . It is not difficult to craft, the only downside is finding the materials.

The lighthouse that we will see today serves to have a point of reference if you are lost . In addition, the light can be seen at long distances without any problem. As if that weren't enough, it can also grant certain benefits based on distance. For example, your character may have more stamina, more strength, a higher health regeneration, speed, among other things.

How to make a lighthouse

First of all we will see what materials are needed. You need three obsidine blocks, four crystals, and a nether star . On how to get obsidian, you have a very complete guide where we explain everything related to this material . As for the crystal, more of the same. He recommends you take a look at the guide that we published at the time . Lastly, the Nether Star is earned by killing a Whiter.

Crystals, obsidian and a Nether star is all you need to craft a fato

Once you have all the materials you just have to go through the work table to build the lighthouse. Once on the table you have to place the materials as in the image above and that's it. By the way, very important, remember that the lighthouse has to be on a pyramid and in a clear place , otherwise you will not be able to turn it on.

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