How to make a mine in Minecraft


How to make a mine in Minecraft

Finding a mine in Minecraft is very important to get certain materials . There are many objects that require some type of rock, so locating a mine is essential to advance in the game. Now, you can also make one from scratch, although you will have to spend a little more time. In addition, depending on the depth of the mine there is a specific type of material.

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In the first five levels there is bedrock. Coal can be found at any level. If you are looking for iron you will have to dig many more levels. But not everything is as easy as digging. You also have to put stairs, connect the corridors of each level, create a path for the wagons and much more. On the other hand, if you have any luck you can find an abandoned mine inside a cave.

How to make a mine

To build a mine his thing is to find a new one and start digging. It is much better than making a mine from scratch. However, there is a downside. Usually in the caves there are monsters that you must kill . Nobody said it was easy! Once you start digging it is very important to leave the path clear and with good visibility. For the latter you just have to put torches . Nor can you be missing a few stairs in your inventory to make going up and down much easier. If you decide to build a mine that is quite large, it is highly recommended to create a whole system of rails where the wagons will pass.

If you are new to Minecraft you cannot start the house with the roof. Before you have to crafting one pick , a shovel, having a worktable and an oven to work the materials get into the mine. You may be overwhelmed at first. Don't worry, it's normal. Luckily, crafting all these tools is very easy . You need few materials and they are easy to get.

Once you have the mine with everything you need to make the extraction work as efficient as possible, it is highly recommended to have quality picks. Having several iron spikes never hurts . If you decide to use a wooden pick you will hardly get anything. Another tip. Don't get obsessed with digging straight down all the time . This has an explanation. If you dig down, you may end up falling into a lava pit or an area full of monsters and it will not be easy to escape. On the latter, remember to bring weapons and food for what may happen.

Definitely. There really is no single method of making a mine. Each player can have their own way of creating a mine from scratch, but all start from the same base. It takes time, so don't be in a rush. There is always time to improve the interior by adding more stairs , rails and all kinds of mechanisms to automate certain processes.

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