How to make a painting in Minecraft


How to make a painting in Minecraft

To decorate a house you have at your disposal many decorative objects, being the paintings one of them. Hanging a picture gives a more personal touch and is not difficult to do. In addition, it is possible to customize it to your liking . When hanging a painting you can do it vertically. In terms of quality, don't expect anything to write home about, the paintings have a fairly low resolution.


When talking about Minecraft it is clear that to make a painting you have to obtain the materials and then go through the work table. Making a painting requires few materials . Forget spending hours and hours collecting in dangerous areas. Everything you need to craft is at hand, near your home or village. With that said, let's see what you need and how to make a painting.

How to make a painting

Equip yourself an ax and cut down a few trees until you get four blocks of wood . Why four blocks? To make a painting you need eight wooden sticks and with two blocks you can only make four sticks. Okay, now you have to go get wool.

To make a frame you need 8 wooden sticks and a block of wool

To get a piece of wool it is necessary to look for a sheep. Next, with the help of scissors, you must shear the animal . Well, you already have all the materials. To finish, place the block of wool in the center square of the workbench and the wooden sticks in the remaining squares. If you have done it correctly you will get a picture.

Do you want to personalize the painting with a painting? The easiest and fastest way is to install Paintings Plus Mod using the Minecraft Forge software . Not sure what Minecraft Forge is? In summary it would be something like a mod manager . It not only allows you to download mods, but also to have control of those that you have installed.

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