How to make rails in Minecraft


How to make rails in Minecraft

Unlike other objects or tools that are used for several things, the rails only have one function in Minecraft , they act as a track for the wagons . When making a rail or track there are three different types. Today we will see the normal rails. They are the easiest to do. In addition, the necessary materials are at hand.

Normal rails do not have any mechanism to move the wagon, unlike sensing and propelling tracks. Building a track with rails is very useful if we have to transport objects, creatures among other things . Well, with that said, let's see what materials you need and how to get them. You will see that making rails takes little time. Also, you may have the materials in inventory and you didn't know about it.

How to make rails

All you need to make rails are six iron ingots and a wooden stick .  It basically takes nine iron nuggets to craft an ingot. To make a wooden stick you have to have two wooden blocks. Next, you put the two wooden blocks on the work table and you will get several sticks.

The rails are essential so that the wagons can circulate

Once you have the wooden stick and the iron ingots in your inventory, you have to put both on the work table . The suit is placed in the center and the ingots in the three squares to the right and left. It is done! Now you just have to repeat the process until you have all the rails you need.

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