How to make a Redstone lamp in Minecraft


How to make a Redstone lamp in Minecraft

Minecraft offers players the ability to craft a wide variety of objects that serve to illuminate. In his day we explained how to make torches and a lighthouse , but there are alternatives, especially if you are looking for something to illuminate the interior of your house. One of these alternatives would be a Redstone lamp. However, it is somewhat more complicated to do and requires a Redstone signal to work.

The only downside to making a Redstone lamp is the materials that are needed. This is not like a torch where you only need a stick of wood and charcoal. Getting the materials for the Redstone lamp takes a little longer. Now it is worth it. Let's see how to make one of these lamps .

How to make a Redstone lamp

I'll start by talking about the materials. You need a Glowing Stone and x4 Redstone Dust . As a summary I will tell you that it takes a Redstone ore and any fuel to obtain Redstone dust.

A glow stone and Redstone powder is all you need to make a Redstone lamp.

As for the glowstone, first you have to get glowstone powder. To do this, you must go to the Nether and search the lower area of ​​the ceiling of that dimension. Smashing a block of glowstone gives you dust. It takes x4 of Glow Dust to make a Glowstone on the workbench. When you have the luminous stone and x4 of Redstone dust you have to put all the materials on the work table as in the image above . If you do it correctly you will get a Redstone lamp.

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