How to make Rick & Morty in The Sims 4


How to make Rick & Morty in The Sims 4

There is something incredible about The Sims 4 , and that is that it has a wide variety of customization options that allow you to create different characters to your liking. In fact, there are so many tools that you can even make characters from other franchises and fulfill the dream of incorporating them into this great virtual world.

One of the most loved animated series is Rick & Morty, since it has a story full of science, action and adventure, where a boy and a mad scientist are the protagonists. Of course, there are customization tips that can help you create them taking into account several characteristics, and that is why, below, we leave you the complete guide of The Sims 4 that explains step by step how to create Rick & Morty.

Creating Rick Sánchez

Although it may not seem like it, Rick is a very easy character to create , since you have to focus mainly on his face because the body that we are going to use is practically skeletal and does not need many details. We have compiled all the images that indicate the characteristics that you must use to create this character. In the same way, we leave you the steps you must follow to achieve a good result:

  • Color pale skin .
  • Circular jaw.
  • Minimal pupils in black.
  • Maximum large eyes (modify in maximum face customization).
  • Face with minimal and slim facial features .
  • Light blue tousled hair.
  • Slim body to the max .
  • Slim neck.
  • Hunchback.
  • Place wrinkles for more realism.
  • Rick is an old man, therefore he must be in the old age stage .

Traits and Aspiration

If you want to make this a real Rick Sanchez, then you have to make it act like one too. His Aspiration is to be a Brainiac , and the Traits are Genius, Perfectionist, and Maker .

Creating Morty Smith

To create Morty is very different, we must try to achieve a fairly round face with short hair and a face of innocence to achieve the most similar result to the character. Keep the following things in mind:

  • Light skin color .
  • Round jaw.
  • Minimal pupils in black.
  • Maximum large eyes and somewhat separated (modify in maximum face customization).
  • Face with fat facial features .
  • Smiling and fine mouth .
  • Normal body.
  • Short brown hair .
  • Normal neck.
  • Morty must go in the adolescent stage .

Traits and Aspiration

In the episodes of the animated series Morty has two missions, to survive the follies of his grandfather and to conquer the heart of Jessica, so his Aspiration must be a soulmate . His Ragos are Clumsy and Paranoid .

These are all the steps you must follow to create Rick & Morty in The Sims 4 . It should be noted that perhaps they are not identical to the animated series because there are not many types of hair and other features to be able to create them perfectly, but without a doubt, this is the most similar way possible to create them. Complete guide to The Sims 4 you can find more tips and trivia about the game.

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