How to make a rope in Minecraft


How to make a rope in Minecraft

In Minecraft there are a number of objects that are essential to do certain things. For example, a ladder is very useful to use in caves , especially if they are deep. The same can be said of the torches , they are perfect to illuminate the darkest nights. And what about the map? If you make a map you can see your position at all times.

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Among all the objects in the game, one of the most important would be the rope. If you have animals you can use a rope to move them more easily , so they cannot run away. Now the rope is not useful with enemies. Also, it should be mentioned that it can break if you stretch it too much. Well, let's get down to business. How do you make a rope? Here is the answer.

How to make a rope

Let's start with the materials. You need a ball of slime and four strands. You can find Slimes near swamps and in caves . They are easily recognizable as a green block. Of course, you have to be careful, they are hostile. Now, ending them is easy. With a block of Slime you have to make 9 balls.

A rope can never be missing from inventory, it is very useful

Getting yarn is pretty easy. By the way, it cannot be crafted. To get thread you just have to kill spiders . Normally, for every spider you kill, you receive one thread. Well, once you have all the necessary threads and the Slime it is time to go through the workbench. You have to place the materials in the same way as they are in the image. If you do it correctly you will get two strings.

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