How to make a sword in Minecraft


How to make a sword in Minecraft

We have said it on more than one occasion, Minecraft is much more than building things. In Mojang game you can also live your own adventures and face hostile creatures while exploring the world. Now, to do this you have to be well prepared. Ideally, you should have several types of potions in your inventory, good equipment, and a sword.

If we focus on swords, you can craft many types. The material you use to make your sword has a direct influence on its durability and the damage it deals . The most basic sword is made of wood and removes 4 points of damage. Do you want a make a sword? Then you just have to keep reading.

How to make a sword

All types of sword have something in common. You need a wooden stick. Then, depending on the model, you have to get a specific type of material if you want the duration and damage to be greater. To make the most basic sword you need a stick and two wooden blocks . Getting both is very easy.

There are many ways to make a sword, but in all of them you need a wooden stick

Once you have the wooden stick and the two blocks, you just have to go to the work table. Next, you have to place the materials in the same way as in the image above to make a wooden sword. If you prefer to craft a sword that is better you need the following:

  • Gold sword : a wooden stick and two gold ingots
  • Stone sword : a wooden stick and two stone blocks - it can also be black stone.
  • Iron sword : a wooden stick and two iron ingots
  • Diamond sword : a wooden stick and two diamonds
  • Underbrush Sword : You need a Diamond Sword and Underwater Ingot.

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