How to open Dorsey's safe in Deathloop


How to open Dorsey's safe in Deathloop

At the entrance to Dorsey's Wolf Lair, where Alexis's party is taking place, you can find a safe with a combination lock and a clue with a map and geometric shapes. It indicates where you can find all the parts of the pattern.

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I can't just take and tell you the code for the safe, because it will be different for each player! The triangles to the right of the card must be figuratively transferred to the card itself in order to get the location of all the numbers from the code combination.

How to open Dorsey's safe in Deathloop

Here's where to find them:

  • A - From the downtown entrance, walk down the road next to the two residents standing side by side and find a number at the bottom of the support beam to the right of the spotlight.
  • B - go to the place of Charlie's game. When you cross the bridge and see a building with alien decorations, look to the right, above the sliding door. A number will be displayed at the top of the door frame.
  • C - go to the entrance to the library in the center, where the scene is being built. There will be many people there. Kill everyone. To the left of the doorway there is a sign on the wall that says Bad Luck Mary. The number indicates how many times Mary has been married. Please note that the note may say that Mary was married and then married 5 more times. That is, the total is not 5, but 6.
  • D - go to the entrance to the game Moxie and look to the right, where the tower is located. The number is indicated right at the base.
  • E - go to Otto's workshop and look at the building on the left. There will be a number next to the door.
  • Walk around the building marked F in our screenshot and you will see a number.

Please note that you will have 6 digits, but you need to enter 3 code combinations. Some numbers are used in different combinations. In addition, the sequence of numbers is determined by the number of dashes at the corners of the triangles.

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