How to Raise Animals in The Sims 4: Village Life


How to Raise Animals in The Sims 4: Village Life

The Sims 4 is a fairly complete game, but there is something that was needed is that more animals were added, and that is what Electronic Arts has brought in The Sims 4: Life in the Village to please all users. This expansion takes us to a very quiet country life and connected with the flora and fauna that nature offers .

Baby Rabbits Eating Grass in Their ...
Baby Rabbits Eating Grass in Their Pen

Basically, it allows the Sims to interact with other types of animals that were not in the game, as well as give importance to agriculture . For example, growing pumpkins, flowers, watermelons, and more. However, one of the things that has attracted the most attention is the raising of cows and chickens that provide resources such as milk and eggs. Life in the town is simple, but not easy, since keeping animals requires time and experience, and it is for that very reason that in the following information in our complete guide to The Sims 4 we leave you with the best tips to do so. .

What animals can you have in The Sims 4: Village Life?

The expansion contains various animals that are essential for the farm to be maintained and we can take care of nature. Some of those included are the following:

  • Cows: give milk.
  • Hens: they give eggs.
  • Llamas: grant wool.
  • Rabbits: help with the garden.
  • Birds: help with the garden.
  • Ducks: they live quietly in the lake.
  • Foxes: they eat the eggs and they eat rabbits.

As we explained, each of these plays a role in the world of the farm, some are excellent to make you progress with your activities and others like the fox are only going to annoy and prevent you from advancing.

How to take care of animals in The Sims 4: Village Life?

Considering that animals are part of the town, little by little you will have to learn to live with them in order to make your farming life work and you can enjoy it as it should be. In the same way, we are going to explain to you how these animals are raised and cared for correctly in The Sims 4: Life in the Town.

Llamas and Cows

To have a llama you have to go to the stable and name it. Continuously, you have to interact with the establishment by clicking on "Buy Animal" , here you can choose the type of Llama or cow that you want to bring to your stable and the quantity. To take care of them you have to do the following:

  • Llamas: eat fruits or vegetables. You have to cut their hair to get wool.
  • Cows: eat fruits or vegetables. You can interact with them to milk them and obtain fresh milk.


They are available in chicken coops, you have to click on "Buy Hens" and select which one you want and the quantity. You can buy chicks that later become chickens if you take good care of them. These animals must be cared for by spreading food and cleaning the chicken coop daily. From time to time you can get eggs from them.


They are usually found in dry tree trunks, you can interact with them in different ways, such as scare them, appreciate them or relate to establish friendship.


They walk through the garden and you can interact with them , feed them, appreciate, establish friendship, ask for help and much more.


They can scare or ask not to steal, also establish a relationship of friendship with them.

These would be all the things you should know about The Sims 4: Life in the Town, each animal has a way of relating to you, but only some can grant you rewards for taking care of them , such as milk, eggs and wool, which are items that you can sell to other villagers or use them for the house.

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