How to stay in the safe zone in Call of Duty: Mobile


How to stay in the safe zone in Call of Duty: Mobile

Call of Duty in its Mobile version is a war game that is giving a global stature in the world of video games, especially because it is the direct competition of Pubg Mobile . Given that both are considered for their graphics, and playability the best of the best in terms of combat games for mobile phones.

As for Call of Duty: Mobile , it stands out that it has received the best positive reviews for being one of the most striking battle royales for its variable battle modes, and different styles of customization, as well as for its large number of weapons.

Tips to stay in the safe zone

The safe zone within Call of Duty: Mobile is nothing more than a white circle , which will appear randomly on the map, where we must stay as long as possible , if we want to survive.

As time passes, a larger blue circle will appear on the map , and it will begin to shrink until it reaches the exact dimensions of the white circle. So it is essential to always observe the map and be attentive from time to time when space reductions begin.

Call of Duty: Mobile safe zone.

If we stay outside the circle we will slowly suffer damage to the character's health until we finally die . For this reason, it is best to be within the limits of the circumference, to find a better positioning, to do a good Loot (search for weapons and accessories) and thus not be caught in enemy fire as the safe zone closes.

Do not forget that as the game advances the circle that represents the safe zone, it will be smaller and smaller, and as a consequence the action and enemy attacks will be more intense. You should also bear in mind that you should avoid being in the red zone , since it is the most dangerous.

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