How to survive out of the zone in Call of Duty: Mobile


How to survive out of the zone in Call of Duty: Mobile

The popularity of Call of Duty has been growing and with that its great mass of players, the application has already reached around 150 million downloads , so knowing everything about the game is important to be able to use different strategies and thus be able to win.

Safe zone

Knowing the location of the safe zone is always important in any battle royale, since it gives you advantages regarding position against your enemies. This is why there are some tricks to get to know this area and thus take advantage of it.

Surviving when there are more than 90 players is one of the dangers that we can face in battle royale, however, it is not the only danger. So we can do some missions that give us experience and money for each of the games, one of these missions is the recognition contract.

Zombies game mode, Call of Duty: Mobile.

What we must do is take a certain area and hold a certain amount of time , this type of mission will give you the information about where the next storm will close, however, there is a little trick that we can use to know the area of ​​the next area. .

The only thing you have to do to be able to know this area is to capture the reconnaissance point , but before you can complete the capture you must abandon it. What you have to do is wait for the gas storm to begin to close , so you must take the point, and that way while it closes you will be able to obtain information about the next round.

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