How to tame a bull lizard in Valheim. How to build a blast furnace and where to find ferrous metal


How to tame a bull lizard in Valheim. How to build a blast furnace and where to find ferrous metal

After the release of the new Hearth & Home update in Valheim , it became possible to tame the Bull Lizard (Lox). These enormous creatures are not always easy to deal with, but they are very useful as mounts. In this guide, we will explain in detail how to tame a bull lizard in the game.

How to prepare to catch a bull lizard in Valheim

First of all, the player must take care of the construction of an appropriate corral for the bull lizard. If a simple wooden structure is enough to tame boars and wolves , then a stronger fence will be required for new pets. We expose only stone walls, as bull lashers are very powerful creatures that can easily break through a wooden structure.

How to prepare to catch a bull lizard in Valheim

How to lure a bull lizard in Valheim

Having collected a small amount of food for the bull lizard, you can go in search of him. We find an animal on the plains and run up to it at the required distance. As soon as the beast notices the player, we take him to the previously prepared stone enclosure. If the animal stops following the hero, then it is necessary to lure the bull lizard with the help of cloudberries or attack from afar with a bow.

Having reached the corral, we go inside so that the beast ran after the character. We quickly go around it and build the missing part of the wall so that the animal cannot get out. Keep in mind that the bull lizard can start attacking the building, so he should have enough space in the aviary.

How to tame a bull lizard in Valheim

We create a couple of ladders for convenience and climb to the very top of the corral. We throw off the above plants to calm and feed the bull lizard. From this point on, the player can hover over the beast to see the percentage of taming.

It should be borne in mind that bull lashers, like wolves, can be aggressive for some time when approaching them. It is advisable not to visit the corral during the taming process, since the animal may try to crash into the hero from acceleration. In a collision, the character will lose a significant part of his health, so the player must be careful in the aviary until the bull lizard is completely tamed.

We continue to feed it and, in the event of aggression by the beast, we increase the space of the corral. In the process of domestication of the animal, yellow hearts will appear above its head. Over the course of several in-game days, the bull lizard will become tame. After that, the player will be able to enter the aviary and pet a new domestic animal.

You can also start breeding these animals. To do this, you need to lure another bull lizard into a new pen, and then tame him. After that, we take the animals into one enclosure and leave them for a while. Do not forget that it is vital for bull lizards to have a large space inside for free movement, so the general aviary should be large.

How to ride bull lashers in Valheim. How to craft a saddle for the beast

Lizard beasts can be used as mounts. To do this, you need to create a corresponding Lox saddle. Collect the following materials that will be required for crafting:

  1. Linen threads (20 units). 
  2. Black metal (15 units). It is smelted in a blast furnace from a piece of ferrous metal and coal.
  3. Scraps of Leather (10) Drops after killing a boar, and is also found in a pile of dirty scrap in the swamps. On rare occasions, this item can be found in the meadows and in the troll caves located in the Black Forest.

How to build a blast furnace

To smelt ferrous metal, the player will need to build a blast furnace. This action will not be very easy. First of all, you need to destroy the Mother (Mouder), the fourth boss. Create an artisan table (10 wood and 2 dragon tears obtained from defeating the boss). This will open the player to the Blast furnace recipe.

To create it, you will need the following materials:

  1. Stone (20 units). Gathered from the ground, mined with a pickaxe, and dropped by destroying Greydwarves and Stone Golems.
  2. Quality wood (20 units). Drops from Birch, Oak, and Ship Wrecks. Requires a bronze ax to mine.
  3. Iron (10 units). Crafted in a Scrap Smelter with Coal.
  4. Surtling core (5 units). Dropped by Surtlings in Swamps and Ash Lands.
 You can get coal in the following places:

  1. From barrels in the Black Forest near the stone towers.
  2. When killing surtlings in ash lands, in swamps near fire geysers, and when defending a base from their attack.
  3. Complete combustion of meat. To do this, you need to keep it at the stake until it turns into a coal.
  4. In a charcoal kiln (20 stones and 5 surfing cores), which can be created with a hammer if there is a workbench nearby. Produces one unit of coal instead of one unit of wood.

Where to find pieces of ferrous metal

You will need ferrous metal to create the saddle. You can get it by smelting pieces of ferrous metal in a blast furnace using coal. To get them, you need to go in search of foulings (goblins) of any kind. It should be borne in mind that the number of dropped items depends on the number of stars the enemy has (more stars, more black metal). On rare occasions, the resource can also be found in chests on the plains that are located in the camps of these opponents.

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