How to unlock all endings in Life is Strange: True Colors

How to unlock all endings in Life is Strange: True Colors


All endings in Life is Strange: True Colors and how to get them

Despite the numerous variations in actions in the dialogues, only a few decisions can significantly affect the ending. First of all, Alex must help all the main characters in order to earn their trust. The key characters are Charlotte, Riley and Pike.

Help Charlotte calm down

At the end of the third chapter, Alex needs to help Charlotte. The girl is in anger, so the main character has the opportunity to free her beloved brother from hatred of her son and the people around her. We make this choice:

  1. Leave Charlotte alone . In this case, the heroine will simply leave, and the friend will be able to cope with her emotions in the future, so in the fifth chapter she will support Alex at the council meeting.
  2. Calm Charlotte. In this case, Charlotte will turn into an emotionless person who cannot make any choice.

Help Riley make a decision

Towards the end of Chapter 4, Alex may meet Riley at the bus stop during the Spring Festival. The girl wants to go to college, but cannot make this decision on her own. Her mother Elinor is more Alzheimer's and does not want her daughter to change her plans due to the illness of a loved one. We make this choice:

  1. Tell Riley about Elinor's illness. In this case, the girl will not leave for another city and will remain to take care of her mother, therefore, at the meeting of the council, Elinor will not support the main character.
  2. Do not talk about the mother's illness. Riley will leave to conquer her dream, and Eleanor, filled with pride in her daughter, will intercede for Alex at the council meeting as thanks for keeping the secret.

Help Pyke fight fear

At the police station at the end of the fourth chapter, the heroine can eliminate the fear of the police officer or sign documents waiver of claims against the company. We make this choice:

  1. Remove Pike's fear. The man will be inspired and promise to help Alex unveil the data from the drive he received. The policeman will intercede for the main character at the council meeting in the fifth chapter.
  2. To sign documents. In this case, the officer will be afraid of possible negative consequences for the city and its inhabitants, so at the council meeting he will refuse to help Alex.

All endings of Life is Strange: True Colors

All the variability of the endings depends on the ability to stay in the city or leave it in order to achieve your dreams of a musician career. The ending cutscenes will be slightly different depending on the above actions, as well as the love relationship with Ryan or Steph. Depending on their success, some events will change at the end of the game.

Endings without relationship:

  1. Go in search of adventure. The heroine travels around the country and pursues a musical career. If the heroine took away the fear from Pike, did not remove Charlotte's anger and did not tell Riley about Eleanor's illness, then all the heroes would come to the bus stop to support Alex and say goodbye to her. Otherwise, these heroes will not be there, and the girl will leave alone. Also, if there is a relationship with Ryan, the man may be in the final video.
  2. Stay to live in the city. Alex stays in the city, and Steph leaves it. A friend will leave a music store for the main character.

Relationship with Steph:

  1. Go in search of adventure. In this case, Steph will leave town with Alex. Before an important concert, the beloved will send the main character a text message with words of support. Also in the last frames, you can see a photo of Steph on a guitar case.
  2. Stay to live in the city. The girls will run a music store together. In the final video, the player will be shown the pastime of all the heroes in the city.
Relationship with Ryan:

  1. Go in search of adventure. Alex will follow his dream and leave to pursue his musical career. This time, instead of Steph, Ryan will go with the main character. The final scene is very similar to the previous ones. In it, the girl will receive a text message with words of support from her lover, and his photograph will be located on the guitar case.
  2. Stay to live in the city. In this case, the main character will not leave the city and will live with Ryan. Steph will leave and leave Alex his music store. In the final video, the player will be shown the joint entertainment of Ryan and Alex, and also some of the heroes will be mentioned.

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