How to win the Legacy Cannon in Deathloop


How to win the Legacy Cannon in Deathloop

The Legacy Cannon is a unique weapon that you can win if you successfully complete the game in Charles Bay. To do this, go there at night and go to the right along the road on the side of the building with Yerva (the machine that asks the questions). Kill the enemies and enter the newly opened large complex. The cannon itself is in a closed box.

Get 3 kills on the roof #Shorts
Get 3 kills on the roof #Shorts

Pay attention to the map. The location of the boxes is marked on it. Flashing lights indicate drawers that have not yet been opened. You need to get to them. Most of the crates will be opened by your enemies. You must open at least three on your own. One of them is on the tail of the plane, and all you have to do is kill the enemies and interact with it.

The other mailbox will be inactive. It is hidden in the second hangar, where Harriet reads his sermons. You need to activate all the levers one by one, in the correct order:

  1. Lever near the drawer.
  2. Lever on the other side, to the left (navigate the plane)
  3. The lever under the plane with Harriet.
  4. Lever in the tail of an airplane hanging in the center of the room (outside the airplane, on the bridge)
  5. The lever is in the shadow on the right, if you move along the plane from the starting point of the hangar to the other side.
  6. Lever on the nose of the aircraft in the center.

If you have time, you can open the gift box.

Finally, return to the Yerva machine gun and head up the path to the castle. In front of the castle itself, turn right and go downstairs. There is a location with jungle decorations right under the castle. Go inside by lowering the lever. You will have 3 minutes to determine the correct four-digit code.

Look for the first part of the code to the right of the code door. The vertical stick shows where the number is, and use the circle with sectors to determine which number it is. Look to the right and connect the two parts of the circle to find the second number. Climb to the second floor and go to the far right corner. Align two more pieces of the sector. You know three numbers. Go down and select one more number by selection. Just don't forget about the correct order.

When you activate all the gifts, return to the building with the weapon. The door on the right will open. You need to go there. Break the boards and disable the field neutralizer. Then activate the nearest lever. Quickly activate the following:

  1. Run up to the back of the room and climb up the boxes. Avoid blue beams using offset or maneuvers. Activate the lever on the upper floor, where you just climbed.
  2. Turn around, run forward, turn left, go through two obstacles and activate the lever in front (in fact, it is next to the previous one, behind the wall.
  3. Turn around and run to the lever opposite, through the same two obstacles.
  4. Turn around and go to the far left corner, to the first lever from the list. Go downstairs and roll left to the nearest lever on this level. Activate it.
  5. Do the same with the lever on this floor near the stairs that lead to the exit.
  6. Go back up the boxes to the top floor and reach the lever in the opposite corner. This is the last. Although, it is not right in the corner, but exactly on the opposite side of the first lever on our list.
You can now pick up the Legacy Cannon, one of four unique weapons in Deathloop .

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