Kena: Bridge of Spirits FAQ


Kena: Bridge of Spirits FAQ

What is Kena Bridge of Spirits?

Kena Bridge of Spirits is a storytelling action adventure game that follows a young girl called Kena who possesses the power to guide spirits. She then goes in search of an abandoned village to discover many secrets and meet a forgotten community. You will then have to seek and find cute little creatures called the Rots through a story where you will alternate between phases of platforms, puzzles, combat and exploration.

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Is this an open mode?

No, Kena Bridge of Spirits is not an open-world. It is a fairly closed game, with all the same a village from which we can travel in several interconnected areas. The game is linear, with a few more open spots that lend themselves to exploration.

When and where does Kena Bridge of Spirits release?

The game is scheduled for September 21, 2021 on PC via the Epic Games Store, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. This date is final after several postponements.

Will Kena Bridge of Spirits be released on Xbox?

There's a good chance Kena Bridge of Spirits will arrive on Xbox One and / or Xbox Series X | S next, given that it's a temporary Sony exclusive. However, it is not known how long it will last and nothing is said that the game will be released on other platforms afterwards.

Will Kena Bridge of Spirits be released on Switch?

There is, however, much less hope for a Nintendo Switch version, which is not on the program at all for now.

Is there a physical version of Kena Bridge of Spirits?

Yes, there will be a boxed version. This was announced very late, the day before the release of the digital edition. It will be released in November 2021 under the name of Deluxe Edition (which is the name of this physical version) with some bonuses. This physical edition will only be available for the PlayStation 4 and 5 versions.

Is there a Kena Bridge of Spirits collector?

No, there is no collector's edition. It is therefore not possible to collect a small stuffed animal from a Rot. There is only the deluxe edition available in physics and no further editions will be announced.

What's in the Deluxe Edition?

What's in the Deluxe Edition?

The Deluxe Edition of Kena Bridge of Spirits is the only physical edition and will be distributed by Just for Games in France, in collaboration with Maximum Games. Just for Games has not yet unveiled the visual of this deluxe version but we can find the image above from Maximum Games, where we learn that there will be:

  • The game in box version
  • A sticker (physical)
  • The digital soundtrack
  • A skin of a Golden Rot
  • Hats for our Rot

Are there any collectibles in Kena Bridge of Spirits?

Yes, the collectibles in Kena Bridge of Spirits are plentiful. There are of course the Rot to find, intimately linked to history, but also other objects to find, such as cursed chests, hats for the Rot or even places of meditation.

How do I unlock the Master difficulty mode?

In Kena Bridge of Spirits there are 3 difficulty modes, namely Story , Guide of Spirits and Guide of Expert Spirits . But there is also a 4th mode called Master . To unlock this one, you just have to complete the story the first time, regardless of the first difficulty chosen. Note that a trophy is linked to the master mode (called Master-Guide of spirits), which will force you to finish the game in the highest difficulty to unlock the platinum.

What are the differences between the PS4 and PS5 versions?

In terms of content, the PlayStation 4 and 5 versions of Kena Bridge of Spirits are the same. These are simply technical differences. On PlayStation 5, we will find more Burps on the screen, up to 100 creatures displayed, where there will be much less on PS4. The environments will be more dense and detailed and the loading times will be shorter on the new generation. The DualSense is also leveraged with haptic feedback and adaptive triggers. There are also two graphics modes on PS5 with performance mode with 60fps and fidelity mode with 4K 60fps.

Are there microtransactions or DLCs?

No, there is no microtransaction in the game. As for the DLC, Ember Labs has not communicated on it but nothing is planned. Since the developers do not intend to offer a suite, there should be no extensions.

Can we customize Kena or the Rots?

There are no customization elements in the game. Kena will therefore keep the same appearance since she is a predefined character. We cannot make him wear cosmetic items, for example. For the Burps, they are all the same color but it will be possible to find and make them wear different hats.

Is there a photo mode in Kena Bridge of Spirits?

Yes, there is indeed a photo mode in the game. It is available from the launch of Kena and allows you to take the most beautiful pictures in the company of the Rot.

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