Kena - Bridge of Spirits: Rebuild the fishermen's shrine (puzzle solution)


Kena - Bridge of Spirits: Rebuild the fishermen's shrine (puzzle solution)

In the course of the main mission "Taros Liebe" from Kena: Bridge of Spirits you should rebuild old shrines to open the old guardian tree. The fishermen's shrine poses a special challenge. We'll show you the solution in the guide.

So you can solve the fishing shrine (Kena: Bridge of Spirits)

Corruption surrounds the fisherman's shrine and you must cleanse it. To do this, you have to activate the steles around the shrine with your arch. However, you have to know the correct order for this.

In the four corners around the fisherman's shrine there is a stele that you can activate with the arch. However, if you activate them in the wrong order, only a few enemies appear and the shrine remains corrupted.

So how do you get the right order? You have to watch out for the candles right outside the shrine. Like the steles, these stand in two rows one behind the other so that you can assign them accordingly. The number of candles tells you the correct order for activation.

The following screenshots illustrate the puzzle solution accordingly:

View in front of the fishing shrine

View behind the fishing shrine

When you stand in front of the fisherman's shrine, you have to activate the steles in the corners in the following row: right in front of you → left behind you → right behind you → left in front of you

If you did everything correctly, no enemies appear. Instead, the corrupted plant's flower opens and you can order your Rotts to cleanse. Then give the impulse to cleanse the fisherman's shrine.

In addition to this shrine, you also have to rebuild the water shrine, the forest shrine and the god tree shrine in the quest. Having trouble with this quest or any other challenge in Kena: Bridge of Spirits? Then let us know in the comments!

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