Life Is Strange: True Colors Walkthrough - All Important Choices


Life Is Strange: True Colors Walkthrough - All Important Choices

Third game in the series Life Is Strange , subtitled "True Colors", introduces us to yet another regular girl with unusual powers. In this guide, we have prepared a complete walkthrough of the story of the new "Strange Life" to make it easier for you to decide on the game choices and their consequences.

Chapter 1. Side A

The game begins with a close-up of the girl. Her name is Alex, and she is in the last session with a psychologist. The girl leaves the boarding school to live with her brother in Haven Springs. The psychologist asks if the brother knows about Alex's problems, but the girl avoids answering.

Alex says that his brother promised to meet her at the entrance to the city after the bridge. We are immediately given the opportunity to evaluate the prettier graphics of the third part. Even on a short bridge, there are a lot of small parts.

Say hello to your brother. His name is Gabe and he is very happy to meet you. Choose to hug or shake hands.

From Alex's face, we see a strange glow around his brother for the first time. She hears his thoughts. However, the girl is not surprised, apparently, she has had strength for a long time.

The brother says that he works in the Black Lantern bar and lives there above it. However, he cannot go home immediately. The other day Gabe had a falling out with his girlfriend, Charlotte, so I need to buy her flowers at a local store.

Chapter 1. What flowers to choose

In the flower one, Alex meets his brother's friend, Riley. She writes a resume for college and asks for advice if she should embellish her. Gabe is sure to write the truth. Make a choice - to cheat or support your brother's opinion.

Gabe asks for help with a bouquet. His choice ranges between lilies of the valley and sunflowers. Charlotte loves sunflowers, lilies of the valley are good for reconciliation. It is more logical to choose those flowers that the girl will definitely like.

Explore all the available items in the store before leaving. The mechanics have not changed in any way from the previous parts - when you zoom in, objects are highlighted with a pencil. Please note that you can read Riley's emotions (a circle pulsates next to the character's name, which means you need to hold down the desired button) - she is afraid to leave for school. Also from the conversation we learn about her boyfriend - Mac.

Chapter 1. What gift to choose Gabe

Exit the store. The brother will go to Charlotte and ask him to wait. At this moment, Alex meets a boy named Ethan - Charlotte's son. Talk to him. Ethan writes comics and will give you the latest issue. Alex will notice his backpack with a flashlight. The guy will tell you about the local mines and share that he is going to take a walk in one of them. It is abandoned, so there can be no danger, but Ethan still asks not to tell Charlotte and Gabe anything. Choose what to answer him.

Gabe is still gone, so Alex decides to go to the local record store. As a child, she and her brother loved to listen to records, so nostalgia would flood her. In the store, you will meet two more characters. The girl is the DJ of the local radio station, her name is Steph. She is just broadcasting and with gestures will ask you to choose the next song. Boyfriend - Ryan - the local preserve ranger and also a close friend of Gabe.

Chapter 1. Where to find a toy for a cat

Ryan searches for a recording of the voices of local birds. Talk to him. He will tell you that his brother has set aside a record for himself, but we need to find out which one. Explore the store. A notebook with orders will be at the far end under the cat - Valkyrie. When you try to chase the cat away, it will hiss and stay in place. Ryan will offer to distract her with something.

Now you need to find a toy. She will be in the junk drawer. Give the soft mouse to the cat and take the notebook. Read the name of Gabe's order in it and receive the record.

Steph will come out at the same time. The girl is talking on the phone and is very angry, and there is a red aura around her. Alex will begin to take over her irritation, she will feel bad. At a critical moment, Steph will leave the store and Alex's obsession will pass. Ryan will notice all this, but he will not ask questions. The guy will tell you that Steph is not only a local DJ, but also an organizer of live action role-playing games.

Chapter 1. What to say to Gabe about Ethan

Gabe walks into the store, it's time to go to the apartment. You will face Ethan again.

This time, an important choice must be made - to tell his brother about the boy's intentions to go to the mines or not. We chose not to tell, as the boy would run away anyway.

Meet the owner of the bar, his name is Jed. The old man is a local hero - he once worked in a mine and saved people. Finally, we arrive at Gabe's dwelling. The brother will say that he is spending the night at Charlotte's, so the apartment is at Alex's disposal. Tell him if you like the space.

Chapter 1. How to read emotions on things and why you need it

Talk to your brother. Your answers are not important here. Gabe will put on a new record and start dancing. You can join him or stay on the sidelines.

Suddenly there is a knock on the door.

The flower girl's boyfriend, Mac, walks in. He accuses Gabe of sleeping with his girlfriend and begins to beat him. Alex feels Mac's anger and experiences the same emotions. At the peak, she rushes at the guy and also hits him. Gabe pulls Alex off, but she accidentally hits him too. Mac runs away, Gabe also leaves in shock.

You can explore the apartment. Your task is to sort things out. It is also possible to read messages on the phone. There is a letter on the table. The already familiar circle will pulsate above him. This means that there is a fragment of someone else's emotion on the subject that can be felt. Such items will give a little more information about Alex's acquaintances, as well as prizes, so look around. In the hallway, you can see a crack in the wall - there is also an emotion on it.

Chapter 1. How to find a guitar

Disassemble the bag and read the diary. In the course of exploring the apartment, Alex will find a guitar under the bed - a gift from his brother. The girl plays well and even writes her songs. From the diary, it becomes clear that Alex was often punished at the shelter by taking away the guitar, so she will immediately want to play.

After a touching cover of the famous Radiohead song - Creep, go downstairs to visit your brother.

Chapter 1. How to serve guests in a bar

Gabe left with Ryan for the first aid kit, so there is time to look around the bar.
Alex meets Charlotte. She will notice the star tattoo on the heroine's arm. Tell her what she means. Talk to the girl about Ethan.

Go to the owner of the bar. Jed asks if Alex has been a waitress. Gabe told him that his sister had experience. Choose to support the brother's version, or tell the truth. If you didn't give out Gabe, you need to serve several tables.

Sitting in front of the bar is a young woman - Diana and old man Ducky. Talk to them and take orders. Pay attention to which food they will name - a cheeseburger with mushrooms and a specialty pie with fries. The order must be exactly repeated to the owner of the bar. Also Ducky will ask for drinks "as usual". However, his favorite whiskey will not be in place. Jed will tell you that the bottle may be in Gabe's room. Return to the apartment - the whiskey is in the couch.

Chapter 1. How to guess Steph's song

At the bar, do not miss an item with emotion - a business card. It is located behind the counter, closer to the jukebox.

Steph is sitting there. She will offer to play a game - ask five questions to guess the song she wondered in the machine. The loser drinks a strange green shot. From the girl's answers, it becomes clear that there are no animals and people on the cover of the album, but there is the name of the group, and there are more than four words in the title of the song. The desired composition is Kiss Up and Shut Me.

Chapter 1. What to say to Riley

Go to the far end of the bar to remove the bottles.

Mack wants to talk to Alex. He asks not to talk about what happened to Riley, who just walks into the bar. You have the next important choice - to tell the truth or get away from the conflict. In the first case, the girl will immediately leave the guy, but if she gets away from the conflict, their relationship will continue.

will leave, the deputy sheriff will approach you - Pike. He looks serious and asks about the fight. You can choose any answer, since Pike is just kidding Alex.

Chapter 1. How to apologize to Gabe

Tell Jed the job is done, Gabe will be back. He wants to talk to Alex on the roof. In the process of dialogue with his brother, Alex will understand that he is not angry with her, after which you will have a choice - to tell him about his abilities or about the past. Gabe will give Alex his last matchbox. Ryan suddenly appears and says that Ethan is missing.

Alex realizes that this is her fault, but Gabe decides to postpone this conversation until later. The company goes to look for the child. The situation is complicated by the planned explosion in the mine. Gabe calls the Typhon office and arranges for the maintenance to be postponed.

Chapter 1. How to find Ethan

You have to find out where Ethan is. Explore the area, but there is nothing useful there. Go to the guys who are standing near the entrance to the mine. You can read their emotions.

Alex realizes that Ethan's comic, which he gave her, repeats the path to the mine. You need to compare the surrounding objects with the picture from the comics to understand where the boy went. Go to the open gate that leads into the building. Ryan will help you get inside. Examine the phone to find remnants of emotion. It is located immediately after the gate.

Ryan will go to turn on the light. You can also explore the building. The passage to the required staircase is covered with a sheet of metal. Remove the obstacle and go upstairs.

There is nothing to do on the second floor, so move up the stairs even higher and turn right towards the window. Alex will understand that Ethan jumped on the conveyor, but she will refuse to jump herself. Another way must be found.

There will be a gate lift next to you. Use it to open the passage next to Ryan. Go down and exit the building. Gabe is already waiting for you. Watch the cut-scene. The guys find out where Ethan went. You need to go to the forest.

Alex notices Ethan's aura glowing. The boy is on a cliff ledge. The path there leads through a waterfall along a fallen tree. The child is scared and cannot move. Ryan tries to climb the log, but the tree begins to crack. The guys are too heavy, so Alex volunteers to help.

Ryan decides to use his belay by tying a rope around Gabe and Alex. The guy will ask how Alex is feeling. We choose any option.

Chapter 1. How to calm Ethan

Having almost climbed the log, Alex realizes that he is taking over Ethan's fear and cannot approach him. The girl tries to calm the boy down, but it doesn't help. Alex decides to feel Ethan's emotion to see the world through the eyes of a child.

Take a look at all the available items. Alex notices strange scratches on the rock. It turns out that Ethan is not afraid of falling, but of an imaginary monster. Now Alex is able to calm the child down, it's time to go back.

Move along the log. Regardless of the answers, the guys will handle it safely. At the same moment, an explosion will thunder in the mine and a landslide will begin.

One of the stones will hit Gabe - he falls off the cliff and pulls Alex with him. Ryan cuts the rope to save the girl.

Gabe is killed.
The first chapter is completed.

Chapter 2. Lanterns

The second chapter begins with Gabe's commemoration. Ryan will blame Typhon, a local uranium mining company. It turns out that Mack had a shift that evening, but he will claim that no one called them. You have to choose whether you confirm that Gabe called the Typhon or not. Regardless of the choice, the conflict will continue.

Alex goes to his apartment, unable to withstand the amount of aggression. After a while Steph will knock on her door. Choose an answer about your condition.

Chapter 2. How to calm Steph

Alex invites Steph to come in. She agrees and begins to remember various events associated with Gabe. Suddenly, the girl sees a bottle, signed "Table football champion", this causes a strong sadness in her. Your job is to help Steph. To do this, Alex uses his power again.

You can see the world through Steph's eyes. Interact with foosball for snatches of emotion. Do the same for the record player, the glass in the kitchen, and the game in front of the TV. All required items will be highlighted. Finally, step up and interact with the bottle. Gabe beat Steph in table football, for which she gave him a bottle, which he kept. Now Alex knows how to help the girl.

Choose the foosball option and play with Steph. Regardless of the outcome of the game, Steph will cheer up. Mission accomplished.

Steph asks what Alex thinks to do with Mac. Do not make hasty decisions, answer that you need to figure everything out.

Steph leaves, so you can explore the apartment again. Approach even those objects that you examined earlier - Alex will say something new. Clean up. To do this, you need to remove dirty things that can be found on the railing of the stairs, the remnants of a ready-made dinner and wash the dishes. Go up to the roof. There will be an emote icon in the flowerbed.

Chapter 2. How to honor Gabe's memory

There is nothing else to do in the apartment, so go down to the bar. There will be a chair to the right of Alex - pick it up.

You will be noticed by Jed, who will apologize for the unfortunate farewell to Gabe.

After talking with the owner of the bar, you have several goals to go to in the city, but take your time to leave the Black Lantern. At the far end, find an umbrella with emotion.

There will be a large memorial table for Gabe nearby. Alex will want to put something in too. Go to the apartment for a record - it lies under the turntable. Instead of an album with a plate, you can put a photo from the chest of drawers.

Examine the remaining objects in the bar, there will be a check behind the counter - an object with an emotion. Now you can go out into the city.

Alex wants to sort out the situation with Mac. He should be at a flower shop, but you can explore the city before going there. You have access to the park and the main street, on which you were already immediately after arrival.

Go right from the "Black Lantern" to the pier, sit by the water. There will be a park in a straight line from the bar, there you will meet Ethan by the river. Read his emotion and talk to him.

Chapter 2. How to help the birdwatcher

At the exit from the park, you can meet a birdwatcher. She is looking for a rare bird. Read her emotion and talk.

Return to the main street and head towards the flower shop. You will meet the deputy sheriff. Talk to him about the evidence for the investigation.

Riley can be found in an alley near the marijuana store. After reading her mind, Alex learns that Mac is acting strangely.

Talk to her, the girl will tell you that Mack wants to leave the city.

If you turn right from the alley and walk to the end, on the tree you will find the bird that the ornithologist is looking for. Do not be lazy to come back and tell her about it.

Chapter 2. What to advise Charlotte

As an additional task, you need to go to Charlotte's store. Ask about Ethan's condition. By reading the boy's emotions earlier in the park and talking to him, you will have an additional answer.

Charlotte will tell you that she received a letter from the "Typhoon", in which they ask to drop the claims. She asks Alex for advice whether to sign or not. We choose not to sign. Charlotte is an important ally in the fight against the company, it would be a mistake to lose her support.

Inspect the marijuana store. Find gummies - they will also have scraps of emotion.

Chapter 2. How to Prepare for an RPG

Go to Steph's music store. Read about the found dog on the notice board. There is a visitor in the store. After reading his emotion, Alex will understand that he has lost that very dog. Tell him she was found.

Steph wants to make a live action RPG specifically for Ethan. Choose the main enemy for him. The girl also asks Alex to look at the notes in the notebook about her character. The notebook lies on the table immediately after entering the store.

Check out the Roleplaying Character Sheet - this is, of course, the bard. Choose a name and background.

Chapter 2. How to help Elinor

Go to the flower shop. Mac is not there, but there is Eleanor, who will ask how you are. After a short dialogue, Alex is going to leave, but he will feel a strong fear of the woman. It is necessary to figure out what the matter is. Inspect the store. Examine an emote T-shirt in one of the drawers.

See the world through Elinor's emotions. Interact with all highlighted items. Don't forget to look into the back room. There will be a photo and a phone with which you also need to interact, but not once, but twice.

Alex understands that the woman has dementia, and she is afraid to forget all those close to her and her life.
To help her, you need to restore the sequence of actions that Elinor performed in the store.

The first will be a sign on the door - "open" (the day always begins with the opening of the store). Elinor recalls that after that she usually checks her mail, but today she was distracted by something. In the back room, go to the phone again - this is the second. Now you need to find out who called. You don't have to go far - next to the phone is a joint photo of Elinor and Riley. The girl called to warn about the new order. We find out what was in it. Go to the fridge with flowers and interact with the lilies. It remains to find out who ordered them. There is a personal check at the checkout.

After the daily routine is restored, Elinor will get better, however, Alex realizes that the woman does not remember about Gabe's death. Decide whether to tell her the truth.

There is nothing else to do in the store. Go to the bridge where you first met Gabe, Mac is there.

Chapter 2. How to find out the truth from Mac

Unless you betrayed Riley's boyfriend and blamed at the wake,
Mack will be friendly, but will refuse to talk about the call. Try to answer him as calmly as possible and not throw accusations. Before further conversation, Alex will say that you need to finish all the business in the city. Since you have already been everywhere, there is no need to wait. Now is the time to use the information you received from Riley.

Mack will be very frightened and will run, but Alex will have time to use the force. Now you look at the world the same way as Mac. Everyone considers him to be guilty, so it seems to him that people on the street are looking only at him. In addition, Mack is somehow afraid of surveillance cameras. Find out as much information as possible about his condition.

Interact with the camera - Mac thinks the Typhon is following him. Go further down the street and examine the newspaper box - Mac worries that everyone is accusing him. Next, go to the post on the blasting operation glued to the wall. The text there has changed - Mac only sees the accusations.

Near the marijuana store, you meet Riley, who wants Mac to die instead of Gabe (it's just in his head). In the already familiar alley, you can see the outlines of the hanged man - you urgently need to find Mack, who will be by the river.

Talk to the guy again. By this time, it becomes apparent that he is innocent, but Mac lied about the call. Choose the answer - "Typhon" pressed on you.

It turns out that Mack in good faith warned the company about people and the need to postpone work, but he was not listened to. Now you have to decide whether to calm him down or not. We choose to calm down.

Chapter 2. How to Help Ryan

Watching the cut-scene. Alex makes an appointment with Ryan,

who is waiting for her at the site of Gabe's death
... He gets angry and blames himself. Use force again. Choose the answers: you saved me, you are braver than me, forgive yourself. Ryan feels better.

The guys talk, and Ryan asks how Alex found out the truth about Mac. The girl demonstrates her abilities. At some point, Ryan starts thinking good things. His aura turns golden. This has never happened to Alex. Read this emotion.

Experiencing the positive emotion of Ryan's memories of his brother, Alex looks up to the sky. You need to piece together a funny story about a goose and Gabe. Examine the clouds from left to right.

Alex tells Ryan the essence of his power. He, in turn, offers help in the fight against the Typhoon. You can shake his hand or hug him.

Watch a touching cutscene of farewell to Gabe.

Everyone, except Diana, who works for the company, has positive emotions from this moment. The chapter is complete.

Chapter 3. Monster or man

Ryan and Alex tell Steph about the girl's super powers. The guys decide to find evidence of the typhoon's guilt in Diana, but what exactly to do is still unclear. Alex leaves her friends to ponder the situation, as she needs to carry out her duties at the bar.

Approach the runner to the right of the rack. Read her emotion and cheer up the girl, then clear the table.

Chapter 3. How to help a student at the bar

A student sits behind Alex's friends. Also read her emotion. The girl cannot concentrate in any way, as she thinks about the song. We need to help her remember the name. Ask Jed about the song, but he won't say anything useful. Then ask the same question to Steph. The girl will tell you that Jed pulled this song out of the machine, since Gabe constantly turned it on. Talk to the owner of the bar again and take the disc behind the counter. Put it in the machine and play the song. You will receive a prize.

Talk to all available guests, and read emotions where possible. Remove the dishes from the birdwatcher's table - it is to the left of the bar. Find Jed's jacket on the hanger and read the remnants of emotion on it.

Chapter 3. How to get evidence from Diana

Time to talk to your friends about the plan.
It turns out that the guys want to seduce Diana to distract attention. At this time, Alex has to steal her laptop. Alex understands that this is not enough. Try to discuss other ideas, but friends insist on seduction. You will have to choose which one is more attractive. This decision will affect the development of love relationships, so choose the one you like best.

After the hardest decision, Alex will approach Diana to take her out of balance. There are two options here. You will either make the woman sad or angry. We choose - "I know it is your fault." Diana won't react. Ask her about all available items, as well as about

Gabe's plate
... This will become a critical point, after which Alex will finally see an aura of anger in Diana - it's time to read the emotion.

Examine your phone and document folder. Alex finds out that Diana is aware of the typhoon's guilt and is angry with the company. She is afraid that she will be made a "scapegoat", so she copied all the evidence onto a USB stick. To get a flash drive, the woman still has to be distracted.

Your chosen character will approach Diana and start flirting with her.
At this time, Alex will be able to pull out the flash drive.

You won't be able to open it - there is a password on the USB flash drive. The only person who is good at computers and can help is Riley.

Chapter 3. Where to find things to role-play

While Ryan takes the flash drive, Steph will remind the heroine about the role-playing game. Alex's costume requires a hat and a guitar. Examine all the available items in the apartment. The guitar is in the middle of the room. You will find the hat in the chest. Go to the roof of the plants. They need to be weeded out.

In the chest you will also find the key to the desk drawer, open it. There will be a list of Gabe's unfinished business.

A feather fell off the bard's hat. It can be found under the TV.

Chapter 3. How to convince Ethan to play

A message comes from Steph that Ethan does not want to play, so you need to persuade him.

The boy is not far from the pier.
Ask him to play for Gabe. Alex learns that Ethan is upset about having to pretend nothing happened.
The guy doesn't want to pretend. Support him by saying that this is not necessary.

Chapter 3. How to find the answer to the riddle of the jester

The role begins. Head to the park to the king. Sing to Jeda about Ethan's exploits. You can choose any option.

The king will give the task to find three stones - amethyst, sapphire and ruby. Alex suggests starting on the main street.

On the way, you will be ambushed by a wolf - there is a battle ahead. Having defeated him, do not miss a dollar on the ground - this is a thing with emotion. Do not forget to also look for magic scrolls in the accessible territory - this will greatly facilitate the battles.

A jester is standing near the bar. He will ask a riddle, but you don't know the answer yet. Go to the bar. You will notice blood and a reminder sheet with remnants of emotion. Read it and go to the bar.

You will be greeted by Daki in the form of a dwarf. Read his emotions. Alex finds out that he drinks at the bar for free. Hint what you say about this Jed. Select all other question options to get the Snake Bell. You need to inspect the bar and find out what unlocks the key found on the wolf. Don't miss the emotion on the scrap of paper in the billiards room. Also in this room there will be an answer to the riddle of the jester - in one of the entries on the wall there is information about the true names of the heroes who became stones.

Find the box behind the bar. One of the stones lies inside. Exit the tavern and go to the jester. Now you know the correct answer, so choose the names of the people, not the names of the stones. The jester will give a coin, and also tell you that you need 4 gold to bribe the troll. You should already have three.

Chapter 3. How to get scales of magic fish

Take the alley near the marijuana store. A river monster awaits you. However, the snake can be euthanized with a bell given by the dwarf in the tavern. Ethan will notice the box next to the defeated enemy.

Move on and go to the blacksmith near the music store. Read his emotion and talk to him. The man needs a prescription, but there is no way to help him yet.

Go to the music store. To the left of the entrance will be a recipe for a blacksmith. Examine all the available items, go to the tarot cards (you can pull out all the options), find the cat's bowl to the left of the illuminated guitar - there are scraps of emotion on it.

Check out the goods in the magic shop. Steph sells a sapphire for 10,000 gold. The heroes do not have that kind of money, so Alex decides to bargain. Steph agrees to give the stone away for free for the scales of a magic fish. Since you've already defeated the snake, Ethan has scales. The second stone is yours. Buy pollen for troll friendliness as well. It costs three coins.

Leave the store and tell the blacksmith the recipe - he will give the next scroll.

Chapter 3. How to defeat a troll

Go to the flower shop - Alex needs to find out what's with the flash drive. Tell Ethan that you have bardic affairs and ask him to wait outside. Examine all available items and talk to Riley. You will find out that she went to college. The flash drive has not yet been hacked, so you can return to the city.

Go to the bridge, there the troll is waiting for the heroes. The last necessary stone is on his belt. To avoid a fight, use the pollen you bought from Steph. Now the troll will give you the stone himself. You can return to the king.

Chapter 3. How to defeat the main villain of the role-playing game

In the park, you are greeted by Charlotte in the form of a forest spirit. She gives Ethan a new sword from his comic. The boy is so happy that his emotion completely engulfs Alex, and they find themselves in the boy's imaginary world.

The king who issued the quest is the main villain.
You won't be able to avoid the battle here, but you won't have any problems. Just use all the scrolls you find and the enemy will have no chance.
After the victory, you hear the warning sirens of the upcoming explosion in the mine. This upsets Ethan greatly and reminds him of the tragedy. The heroine tries to calm him down, but to no avail.

Chapter 3. How to calm Charlotte

Alex comes to visit Charlotte. Ethan left with his father, so the girl was left alone. You enter her workshop for the first time. Charlotte thanks Alex for helping out with the game. Talk to her. Suddenly, the girl begins to get very angry and tries to kick the heroine out.

Read her emotion, then interact with all the available sculptures to find out
that the girl blames Ryan, and Alex, and Gabe himself, and even Ethan for the death of Gabe.
Try to talk to her about it. We choose "your feelings are important." Alex decides to take away Charlotte's anger, as she is afraid that she will destroy her from the inside. You must choose to do it or not. We did, but this choice will have negative consequences, so it's best to leave Charlotte alone. Without anger, the girl gets better, but she loses all her emotionality.

fatal for Gabe
Alex guesses that the Typhon is hiding something in the mine.
... This concludes the chapter.

Chapter 4. Flicker

Spring Festival begins. Alex arranges a meeting with Pike in order to give him a flash drive - lies on the table. Examine the apartment and go downstairs.

You immediately get to the holiday. Steph and Ryan are busy preparing the scene. Talk to them, after which you have time to explore the territory.

Read the emotion on the drum kit. Pay attention to the car with roses to the right of the stage - you can give one of them to Ryan or Steph.

Chapter 4. How to guess the exact number of pills

A little further than the roses is the guy to whom we returned the dog. He is trying to win a competition where you need to guess the exact number of dragees in the jar. Prompt him any option, then read the emotion of the girl in charge of the competition. You will understand which number is more correct - 700. Again, tell the guy and read the girl's emotion. This time she will be afraid that you will guess the exact number of candies - 731. Tell the guy the correct answer.

Chapter 4. Where to find Riley

Mack stands on the outskirts of the park. Talk to him. Also find Elinor. After reading her thoughts, Alex will understand that the woman is worried about Riley, who is not at the party. Try to discuss this with her, but Elinor will evade the answer. If you go into town, you can find Riley at the stop after the bridge.

You must decide if she should know about her grandmother's illness.
Don't miss the indecisive guy with the girl at the marijuana store. Read the emotions of each of them and tell them that they are a cute couple. You can find a sign with an emotion behind the flower shop.

There's a microphone behind the stage with emotion - don't miss it.

Chapter 4. How to have a good holiday

Decide on a rose, in this case Ryan, then talk to him. He will ask if Alex is ready. It turns out that she has to perform.

After the concert, Alex notices Charlotte, who has begun to resemble an emotionless zombie.
Either way, she no longer hates Ethan.

Regardless of who you gave the rose to, the chosen one will offer to meet on the roof, so return to the bar.

Chapter 4. How to help Ducky

At the far end of the Black Lantern hangs a photo with emotion, and in the billiard room, Ducky is sad. Read his emotion - the reason for everything is a certain Tabitha. Try to talk to him about her, but the old man will refuse. We'll have to act differently. We use force and study the illuminated objects: a bear, a table and a jukebox. Ducky's wife will be Tabitha. Talk to him again. You can choose all the dialogue options, and at the end "Dance". Alex will turn on the same song that Ducky danced to with his wife, and invite him. Such an act will cheer him up and play an important role in the future.

Climbing to the roof, Alex communicates with Ryan. They will begin to fantasize about a future life. Choose the answers you like. As a result, you can kiss the guy or hug - of course, kiss.

Chapter 4. How to Get the Support of a Deputy Sheriff

Finally, Pike arrives. Suddenly he is extremely aggressive. You find yourself in the site.
Pike says Diana accuses Alex of a serious crime and faces up to ten years in prison.
At the same time, the evidence on the flash drive does not matter, since the girl stole it. To avoid accusations, you must sign a waiver of claims. Alex refuses. Pike freaks out, he is very afraid of "Typhon" and invites Alex to see the folder, which contains the dossier on herself and her friends.
You have a choice - write a refusal or take away Pike's fear.

This is the second non-obvious choice associated with the absorption of other people's emotions, which directly affects the ending. Charlotte's condition can make one think that any absorption is harmful and makes a person an emotionless vegetable. In this case, fear strongly prevents Pike from thinking rationally, so such a choice will be beneficial for him. We decided to sign a waiver, but to better end the story, you need to use force.

Alex returns to the apartment and finds a note from Jed, who asks for a meeting. We change clothes and go downstairs. Jed is aware of Alex's arrest and asks to tell what the matter is.

Answer that the Typhon killed Gabe. Suddenly, Jed knows what the company is hiding in the old mine and offers to show it.

You come to the place.

Jed turns out to be a traitor and shoots the girl. Alex falls into the mine.

Chapter 5. Side B

You are back in the psychologist's office. Answer what the Haven Springs trip taught you. It turns out that the girl is talking to an empty chair. Alex fell into her own subconscious. It won't be difficult to get out, but be attentive to the details.

Chapter 5. Where to find the code (password, combination) from the guitar case

Go to the guitar case. You need a code to open it. Inspect all available items. In the folder with the personal file you will find the code for the case - 53322. From the photo Alex will take out the peg, which will be needed to tune the guitar. Having received the instrument, the girl will begin to play and wake up in the mine. Crawling out will not work and Alex will fall even lower.

Chapter 5. How to get out of the subconscious

You find yourself with Gabe in the hospital. Suddenly, the father appears, who asks Alex to go to his mother.

Examine your mom's keys and the emotion on them. The mother is behind the curtain. After a conversation with her, Gabe will appear, who will say that everything was not quite so. Once again in the room, pay attention to the glass of water. The conversation with the mother will start the same way as the first time, but when she starts coughing, bring water. Mother will give Alex a medallion and ask him to keep an eye on his father and brother.

Now you are at Alex's home. After talking with Gabe, turn on the player. Watch the cut-scene of a father-son quarrel. Time rolls back to the beginning again. As you explore your home, don't miss a business card with emotion in the kitchen. In the course of a new cut-scene, we will find out how the father abandoned his children.

We're at the shelter. Examine the available items again, notice - on one of the beds for the guitar strings with emotion. Go to the chest with things at the end of the room. You will see different adoptive parents in the windows, read their emotions.

After another dialogue with Gabe, Alex wakes up in the real world. She needs light to get out, so the girl uses the match her brother gave her to light the lantern.

You have only one way - forward. As a result, the lantern will go out, but Alex will notice a strong red glow in the dark - an aura of anger.

Moving on, the girl will hear the echoes of the past.

Jed did not save people, on the contrary, he threw them in the mine. "Typhon" decided to cover up this incident and bombarded the bones of the victims with an explosion. On one of the corpses, Alex finds a medallion that her mother gave her and which her father took before leaving. If you carefully read the dialogues and notes, you learned that Gabe came to Haven Springs in search of his father, who worked in the mines for Jed. The owner of the bar knew from the beginning who Gabe was, but he didn't tell him anything. It turns out that Jed is also to blame for the death of the father of the orphans.

Chapter 5. How to end voting in your favor. How to get Jed to confess

At this time in the bar there is a vote of the city council for the expansion of the "Typhoon". At the most important moment, Alex comes in and begins to tell the truth about the company's activities.

Diana will try to argue. Remind her of her conscience and her desire to quit. Right now it will be decided which of the council members will support the girl. Because of Charlotte's dispassion, she will not care what is happening. Pike will remain shackled by his fear. Elinor, Ducky and Steph are on our side. Ryan does not believe that his father is a murderer, so he will not support the girl. A difficult conversation with Jed will follow. It is important to choose that he is a puppet, and also to decide whether you forgive him or not - we have forgiven.

Chapter 5. What to choose the future

After a while you are back in the apartment.

Jed confessed to crimes and is awaiting indictment
and Typhon is on the verge of bankruptcy. Explore the apartment and don't miss your father's jacket with emotion.
Try to climb to the roof, but there is a knock on the door.

This is Ryan, who really wants to apologize.
Choose the answer that works for you - this will affect the ending. We chose "I will try". Alex will then go up to the roof, where Gabe is waiting for her.

Discuss with him what to do next. Gabe will tell his sister what will happen if she stays in Haven Springs - her life will become measured and quiet, but she will always dream of stage and adventure.

After a lengthy cutscene, you have to choose to stay or leave.
Depending on your choice, you will see another cut-scene and the game will be over.

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