Walkthrough of Lost in Random: Lost in Random is an action adventure game developed by Zoink and published by Electronic Arts . Ruled by an evil queen, the kingdom of Alea is divided into 6 sinister regions where life is dictated by a terrible black dice. The player embodies Paire, a penniless little girl in search of her sister. Accompanied by Décisse, a strange living dice, Paire will have to learn to master the chaos of Alea to unveil the secrets of a baroque tale with a modern message. OurLost in Random guide will show you the full path of the adventure as well as the location of all the side quests , all the pages of the book to collect, thecards as well as tips to get all achievements / trophies .

AFK Arena Hidden Isle Walkthrough
AFK Arena Hidden Isle Walkthrough


Our Lost in Random Walkthrough begins in the Age of Dice Throwers. You play as Aleksandra and her Fortune die. First, you must collect Energy, small blue crystals that are found all over the battle arena. This denial feeds your cards which are located at the bottom right of the screen.

You can also get it by killing enemies with your sword. Press the attack button for quick attacks and hold the button to perform powerful attacks that are much slower. Once the card is full, roll your dice, Fortune. The number you obtain allows you to activate your card which, here, transforms your sword into a huge mass.

By throwing the dice, you enter the Demension, an area where you move normally while all your enemies are slowed. You can get out of it by pressing the roll key, or by performing an attack. Then continue to eliminate the remaining robots until a cutscene is triggered that ends the prologue of our Lost in Random guide .

Note: You can get the “On Guard!” Achievement / Trophy . " Which is to survive five minutes during a fight without taking damage. The robots are not very aggressive on this first fight, you just have to go around in circles in the arena until you obtain the achievement / trophy. You can also get it at any other time during the adventure.


Follow Odd!

The Lost in Random Walkthrough really starts with the first main quest, on dice day. You find yourself in the shoes of Paire, a young girl from Unibourg. After the cutscene, follow your Odd big sister through the city.
Save Odd!

When she is caught by a mechanical spider, take out your slingshot and pull the switch to trigger a crane. Odd out of danger, continue to follow it to the main square where Grandma Fortune is located. Wait for a young boy named Bernie to show you a back passage.

Pass without being spotted

Go down to the left ladder and follow Odd.

At the end of the passage, jump down and continue to a ladder.

Go up and continue to your parents' house to trigger a cutscene. You get the "Happy Birthday" achievement / trophy . You then find yourself in a dream sequence where you must follow a ghost until you end this first quest in the Lost in Random guide .


This new part of the Lost in Random guide begins as Pair wakes up in the middle of the night. Go down the stairs and take the direction of the door at the back right. A cutscene is triggered where you automatically collect your slingshot and spot the ghost of your dream.

Follow the silhouette

Run in pursuit of the ghostly figure until you find Astrid Dutilleul . Choose your dialogue options without consequence on the plot. Then continue until you reach Place d'Unibourg where there are three children, Veinarde, Bernard and Algot.

You can chat with them and use your slingshot for the first time to destroy the pots containing coins. These coins will allow you to buy cards later in the adventure and it is therefore very important to hunt them.

After the conversation, take the tunnel behind the children and go up towards your house. Climb the ladder and knock on the door.

The narrator refuses to let Pair knock on the door , so you have to insist six times, until he accepts. You will then get the secret " Knock Knock " Achievement / Trophy . Return to the children and continue to follow the only path taken by the ghost.

Take the time to discuss with Gauvine Destourbières and with Artémus Pontard who guards the quays . Further on, you have to jump from a ledge to progress . Make sure you've knocked on your house door, as you won't be able to back down and will need to re-roll a full game to get the achievement / trophy.

Find and Follow the Ghost

Continue to follow the ghost and talk to Melchior Desmarais to learn a little more about Aléa and his queen. Follow the wooden platforms until you find Benoît Fourgot , who tells you more about the six areas that make up the kingdom of Alea.

Search the suburbs

Continue through the shallows of Unibourg Continue through the shallows of Unibourg. It is actually the suburbs of Unibourg.

Walk along the beams in pursuit of the ghost . You finally arrive in front of a gigantic dice.

Walk in balance on the beams until you reach him.  A cutscene is triggered where you get your hands on Mysterious playing cards as well as Points.

After the cutscene, the ghost reappears. Follow him and jump into the hole to finally reach the port.

Use your slingshot on the switch to lower a crane. Cross on the platform and climb the ramp to speak with Double Un.

Pass without being spotted

After the conversation, look behind the crates on the left to find a ladder Climb and cross balanced on the first beam.

Then use your slingshot to activate the switch, and move a beam with a crane. Cross on the beam when the red halo of the spot is not on it. 

Once on the other side, pull the switch again to move the beam a second time, allowing you to reach your first Storybook Page . You also unlock the achievement / trophy "Everyone in the port" for having successfully completed the Unibourg riddle.

Pull the switch a third time to return the beam to its starting position, and cross the two beams, paying attention again to the red spot.

Then go down to the ground and wait for the red projector to move to go to the very bottom.

To the right behind the boxes, there is a ladder allowing you to get your hands on the second page of the storybook.

Then pull the switch with your slingshot to raise a crate . Go under and pull the switch again to lower the body to be able to cross.

Get on the boat

Go up the ramp at the back to the left to arrive in view of the boat access ramp.

Go under this ramp to discover a passage leading to a narrow path along the hull, and interact with the opening to chat with Hippolyte. After convincing him, he lets you get into the boat.

Fall asleep

Once inside, and despite rules number 1 and 3, you can chat a bit with Hippolyte to learn more about your traveling companion. Then interact with the makeshift bed to fall asleep and trigger a new dream sequence.

Follow the path to your house and interact with your parents.

Then climb the stairs on the right Then climb the stairs on the right , a cutscene is triggered ending this quest of the Lost in Random walkthrough .


Explore this place

You regain control of Paire in this new part of the Lost in Random guide as she runs aground on an unknown beach. Cross the great arch to come across a statue frozen in the air. Continue in the area until you finally arrive in a large arena where a beautiful Robot Tower is active.

Survive the tower

Walk around the robot to avoid its attacks, and use the dodge key.

The camera then moves away from Pair and comes to stand next to a high dice. Press the keys that appear on the screen to awaken him and make him grow arms and legs. Then follow the left path to a switch. Stand on it to trigger a cutscene and save Pair's life.

Explore the valley

After the cutscene, you are now accompanied by Décisse and obtain the achievement / trophy "You are a Dice Thrower, Pair". Go to one of the two illuminated tiles and ask Décisse to stand on the second to open the door.

In the next area , a cutscene is triggered where Décisse sucks up your cards collected during the previous chapter.

Defeat the Horsemen!

You must then face a group of riders . This is the first real fight in the game, with the exception of the prologue which was a simplified version. The energy here is not just on the ground but must be dislodged from enemies. You have to shoot the crystals that grow on enemies with your slingshot to knock the of energy.

Once a crystal is destroyed, a new one immediately grows on the enemy. First, shoot the crystals and send Decisse to collect them to load your cards. Each time you complete a card, it becomes available in your hand. You can accumulate energy up to drawing a maximum of 5 cards. At any time when at least one card is available, you can launch Decisse. The number you get determines how many card tokens you have available to use your cards. You can see the number of card tokens needed to activate it in the upper left corner of the card. Unlike Aleksandra in the prologue, you do not have a basic weapon apart from your slingshot, so you must use the Gamma Sword card to obtain a sword with the lifespan represented by a yellow gauge. Note that by using a second Gamma Sword card, you will increase its power and lifespan.

So attack the riders with your sword and recover energy to re-roll your dice and use more cards . Once the fight is over, you are rewarded with the "Bomb!" Card. which allows you to summon a bomb that is activated when you shoot or tap on it.

Explore the ruins

Continue your exploration of the valley until you come across some ruins. Inside you have to face a new threat: pawns.

Beat the pawns

As for the riders, you must shoot with your slingshot at the crystals present on the pawns in order to accumulate energy. You learn the phase shift dodge technique. To do this, you must press the dodge key just before receiving a hit.

You will then be able to pass through the enemies and energy crystals will fall to the ground. Eliminate all the pawns to get coins as a reward.

Continue in the ruins until you come across an Ancient Dice with whom you can chat to learn more about the Dice Throwers.

Go through the door behind him to find yourself in an arena where you must face riders accompanied by pawns, a great opportunity to use everything you have learned about the combat system . Once the enemies are defeated, continue to the last part of the valley where a Tower awaits you.

Beat the tower

For this fight, try to keep your distance. Shoot your slingshot at the energy crystals and send Decisse to retrieve them so as not to expose yourself to the Tower's hammer.

Use your new Bomb card! to inflict heavy damage on the enemy as well as the Arc of the Alpha card which changes your slingshot into a bow. By shooting the energy ball that the tower spits out, you can detonate it inflicting massive damage to your opponent.

The shots at the energy balls and bombs bring the Tower to its knees, allowing you to attack it melee with your gamma sword. Once victorious, you get the “ Thrower's Blessing” card as a reward, which reduces the cost of each card in Pair's hand.

Follow Décisse

After the fight, take the time to chat with Décisse despite the language barrier. You will thus obtain valuable information . Then follow him outside the ruins to trigger a cutscene. You get the "Carried Away" achievement / trophy . You then find yourself in a new dream sequence where you must follow the ghost. At the end of this chase, a cutscene is triggered and this quest of the Lost in Random guide ends.  


This part of the Lost in Random walkthrough is dedicated to the location and path of all the adventure's side quests.


This part of the Lost in Random walkthrough is dedicated to the location and path of all of Doubleville's side quests.


Save Little Jacques

This first secondary quest of the Lost in Random guide is unlocked as soon as you arrive in the merchant aisle. A cutscene shows you a character, Little Jacques, being chased by robots. Join the Allée des Malandrins, and take the alley that leads to the bridge where you saw Petit Jacques.

You then arrive on a small square where a fight begins against the robots.

Eliminate them all, to then discuss with Petit Jacques ( picture6 ) who rewards you with 110 coins, ending the side quest. 


Find the first bloub

This side quest of the Lost in Random walkthrough is located in Square du Deux. You meet directly on your right as you enter the square, Jared and his alter ego, Jored. These two personalities fight over the same body and seek to make a potion capable of eliminating their other half. For this potion, they need ingredients: three bloubs. . The first bloub is the reward for another side quest from Lost in Random.

The second bloub necessary for the recipe is in the alley of the malandrins. When you arrive in the area, just next to the alley leading you to Petit Jacques, there is a ladder. Climb to the top to discover the second bloub on a crate.

Find the third bloub

The third and last bloub is hidden in the rue des Marchands, to the right of Théophile Prudent and especially Ratzaat Goul. Go and pick it up on the staircase behind several crates. You can easily see it by the green question mark.

Go back to see it

Once you have the three Bloubs, return to Jared / Jored. You must then make your decision on who you want to give the ingredients to to make the potion. This choice is purely narrative and will have no effect on the rest of the story or on your reward. Once you have given the Bloubs and the scientist or the other more focused on logic has got rid of his alter ego, you will then receive the "Natalya's Bell" cardas a reward, which allows you to Summon a healing bell that heals the Dice Thrower when she is nearby. 


Get rid of the bloub

This side quest from the Lost in Random guide is located in Square du Deux, on your left from the entrance. Talk to Odo Boom who tells you that he cannot sleep because of the incessant noises of a bloub above his house. 

Accept to help him and climb the stairs directly to his right. Follow the wooden planks to the roof of the buildings, where you discover the bloub in question.

Interact with it and collect it for the side quest "The two setbacks".  Now that you have got rid of the Bloub, go back down and talk to Odo Boom again, who thanks you for your help by offering you 100 coins, which ends this Lost in Random walkthrough quest .


Save La Rouge!

This Lost in Random Walkthrough side quest begins once in Upside Down Town. During the main quest, you must find four posters. One of them is in a combat zone where several robots are waiting for you.

Eliminate them to open a cell where one of the posters is hidden but also, The Red.

After a short conversation, she reveals to you that she is Petit Jacques' sister. She thanks you for saving her by offering you 150 coins. She also tells you that her brother tricked her and sent her to work on the Upside Down Town for her.

Confront Little Jacques

Back in Square du Deux after defeating Eriam and before crossing the door to the Troyaume, return to the bridge of the Allée des Malandrins to confront Petit Jacques. Chat with him to tell him that his sister has been saved. He then rewards you with 110 coins  and this side quest of the Lost in Random guide ends.

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