Maps based on Call of Duty Black Ops for Call of Duty: Mobile


Maps based on Call of Duty Black Ops for Call of Duty: Mobile

Call Of Duty: Mobile has unimaginable maps brought from the entire saga , they are released with each update. Those that are based on Call of Duty Black are characterized by having the zombie game mode . They are also inspired by a spaceport launched in Black Ops. Here is a brief description of each of them.

List of available maps based on Black Ops

  • Nuketown

It is one of the most muddled maps in Call of Duty Mobile, as there is no rule of thumb there. It appeared in the first series of Black Ops as two centered cars tasked with separating a couple of houses. In this combat anything goes, from shooting through the windows to hiding in the gardens.

  • Havana

It is an urban place surrounded by buildings, capable of supporting all kinds of wild weapons. Its size is medium and it has several strategic points, also rewards appear easily.

  • Takeoff

This map focuses on a spaceport called "InterGalactic". It is ideal for fighting through administrative buildings with assault rifles. Your objective is to reach the highest point and finish off the adversary while they fight between the decks.

  • Hijacked

It was created to fight on an abandoned yacht with ample space at the bottom. Also within this there is an area in the middle of two structures to shoot at close range. It has a passage that you can only discover in the hot spot mode when you come into contact with the pool.

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