Maps based on Call of Duty: WWII for Call of Duty Mobile


Maps based on Call of Duty: WWII for Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile WWII is based on the Second World War, with dark and terrifying maps . Specific or different missions take place in different areas of reality. These are emblematic settings in history, although not everything happens in the same way. Below is the list of WWII-based maps for Call of Duty: Mobil e.

Featured Maps for Call of Duty Mobile: WWII

  • Gibraltar

This map is medium in size , with a design that takes place in the military tunnels and batteries of Gibraltar. You will be able to observe an anti-aircraft gun at the top of a rock full of passageways. Certainly a fairly well recreated strategic site.

  • USS Texas

Here you will find a huge military ship , in which intense fighting takes place while it is in motion. You can also catch a lot of ghosts that appear and disappear at the end of each round.

  • Gustav Canon

It is perhaps the most controversial map of this series , it is a railway cannon with a very unique design. Its intermediate areas are open so the only position of power is the cannon. You have the option to add the broad view and it is not used in professional competitions as it is not an elite level.

  • Flak Tower

It is located in a German aerial tower , with one of the most gloomy designs that exist. In general, this tower is used to protect against bombardments. Similarly, the walls are high with dark interiors, this allows a better job for snipers.

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