Maps based on the Modern Warfare saga for Call of Duty: Mobile


Maps based on the Modern Warfare saga for Call of Duty: Mobile

The best Modern Warfare maps for Call of Duty: Mobile are characterized by their originality. They generally appear as multiplayer maps , such as Gunfight and Ground Warfare. In the same way, they usually have varied designs that adapt in the best way to the mobile screen. Here we tell you all the details about the maps based on the Modern Warfare saga .

List of the best maps based on the Modern Warfare saga

  • Shipment

It is the smallest map of the entire series for Call Of Duty: Mobile, with a World War II theme. Within the map several containers are located in the central area where it is possible to climb. However, by doing this you run the risk of being shot, as there are usually frenzied battles. In this map there is no shelter anywhere, it is a true massacre.

  • Atlas Superstore

This map takes place in a warehouse in a shopping center , where you will have to rescue a hostage. This is because the place has been taken by Al-Qatala forces in a 6v6 battle. It is a fairly adapted map brought from space operations to multiplayer mode.

  • Squawk Raid

It is one of the largest maps in Call of Duty: Mobile that takes place in an abandoned city in Russia. Its dimension is rectangular, so it is convenient to eliminate the adversary from long distance. Similarly, it is covered with undergrowth with several buildings and industrial complexes . A maximum of 20 players who become snipers is accepted.

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