Meet the best Call of Duty Mobile weapons


Meet the best Call of Duty Mobile weapons

Call of Duty: Mobile is one of the best known and most downloaded games for being an excellent battle game and like any battle game it must have a good arsenal of weapons . This is for the good development of its players when entering the battlefield, always supplying with their needs and versatility in preferences.

Better weapons

When we talk about the best weapons we immediately think about precision , and damage level as well as speed and mobility . You must bear in mind that there are many important characteristics when knowing and choosing your attack weapon and it is also important to know that the weapons that will be mentioned can be improved with some accessories .

In the category of assault rifles we find "DR-H" , being one of the most popular weapons for having a high level of damage. We also have the ASM10, being the best outstanding weapon in precision and perfect for close-range combat.

Gunsmith, Call of Duty: Mobile.

On the other hand, the ak-47 is a classic and very good in both long and short range. As for Machine Guns we find "KRM-262" together with "BY-15", "M4LMG" and "UL736" being the preferred ones of the players to dominate games with them. In the same way it can be found in the field of snipers "LOCUS" and "DL-Q33" being very similar and in turn well known for being powerful and precise.

Of course, there are many more weapons in this game, since each time a season comes out with it, new weapons or even the same ones but improved all this in order to provide players with both versatility and options to suit their style of play. .

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