Minecraft: The 15 Best Creations Made in Creative Mode


Minecraft: The 15 Best Creations Made in Creative Mode

Minecraft's Creative Mode has enormous potential. You may still be struggling with its controls , or you may not be entirely clear on what it is capable of. You may even think that it is not so bad. If you are one of those, get ready, because you are going to see a master class of good design and ambition. We have collected the 15 best Minecraft creations made with Creative Mode .

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Another piece of our huge Minecraft guide . With it, we hope you have a good source of inspiration or that you can even create worlds with friends to have different gaming experiences with this title . There is everything, and plenty of material to get pretty good ideas in case you want to do something on your own.

The 15 Best Minecraft Creations in Creative Mode

We review the entire landscape of Minecraft Creative Mode works so you can see the talent of the users. You can take inspiration from them or even download them to take advantage and explore all that they can offer. You are going to see real virguerías here , we warn you.

King's Landing

More than 1.5 million blocks in 7.5 square miles for a project that has not yet finished. King's Landing is just one part of the WesterosCraft server, allowing you to delve into the Game of Thrones universe within Minecraft. A brutal creation made by a community of fans of the game and the fictional work of George RR Martin.

The Angels

Look at the photo, now read this, now look at the photo again. What you see there is not a shot of the city of Los Angeles, it is a photo of a project created by just one user who has been immersed in this madness since 2011. Touring all of LA is possible thanks to the work of this fan and master of Creative Mode, who continues to work hard to replicate a life-size city in this video game.

Space shuttle

Can you imagine being able to get on a spaceship to cross space? Minecraft makes it almost possible with this creation. A full replica of a space shuttle, with its launch pad and all. It does not lack a single detail, in fact, you can even walk inside.

Kong vs T-Rex

Duel of giants, although immobile. Enjoy this imposing statue that recreates one of the most memorable moments in the history of cinema thanks to the work of a solo user. The combat between King Kong and a T-Rex could not be left without its replica in this video game.

Bottled boat

It doesn't take that much precision, but it does take a lot of time, patience, and desire to do this. Have your own boat bottled thanks to the work of this user, who has decided to go big with Creative Mode.

SimCity Minecraft

Do you remember the famous SimCity? Now you can also find it in Minecraft. With the same color palette, and with a photo that recreates the isometric perspective of the original, this original idea carried out in Creative Mode reminds us once again that the potential of this video game is unlimited.

A functional computer

Just as you read it. What you see in the photo is a creation that takes advantage of the use of Redstone to generate real circuitry in Minecraft. Thanks to that, this talented user has been able to bring a PC to life within the video game itself. It behaves as such, and even includes a RAM memory that can accommodate up to 16 lines of code. If you have ever thought of making a simple program within Minecraft, now it is possible.

Mirror's Edge

Do you remember Mirror's Edge? The EA video game that rekindled the flame of parkour among players had a very clear style in which white and red predominated. Now you can live it in Minecraft thanks, again, to the mastery of the users and the potential of the Creative Mode. There is plenty of talent in this community, it is more than clear.

Death star

Put the Imperial March at full speed, because you're going to need it. Check out this brutal Death Star made by just one user. He has thought through all the details, even made a button to activate the planet-destroying laser with which Vader scared Leia in A New Hope. Simply spectacular and worthy of the Dark Side.

Minas Tirith

One of the most emblematic places of The Lord of the Rings. Of course, its replica could not be missing in Minecraft. In fact, what you see in the photo is a recreation almost to the millimeter of the location seen in Tolkien's movies. The huge fall, the palace at the top, the town at the bottom. Everything is just as we remembered it, but made with virtual blocks and with work worthy of dwarves.


We are left with the universe created by Tolkien to visit another key place. The mines where we saw the Balrog disappear with Gandalf can be traversed inch by inch thanks to the work of this user and his love for Creative Mode. You can feel a little more like Frodo in The Fellowship of the Ring thanks to this brutal recreation.

Crashed plane

Nobody would like to suffer a plane crash, nor would they like to be stranded on a desert island because of it. Who knows if this would make for a version of Lost in Minecraft, but a good starting point is, of course. Look what an enormous job this user has done, with a plane that has had to go through a forced landing in the middle of a jungle. What secrets will be hidden in it?

The Acropolis

If you have ever wanted to go to Athens to visit the Acropolis, and you have not been able to, in Minecraft you have the perfect opportunity. As you can see in the image above, someone has been able to create a map that fully recreates this relic of Ancient Greece. An outstanding work, which advocates for every little detail and which has a spectacular pampering. Who said you couldn't do block magic?


We are left with the magic for you to see this spectacular recreation of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. A map that you can go through completely and that has started from scratch, from the combination of Creative Mode and talent with Minecraft mods. Do you want us to tell you a secret? You can play a whole adventure worthy of Harry Potter in it.

Green hill

We say goodbye with a wink to the most famous hedgehog in video games. You can become Sonic within Minecraft not only thanks to the skins, but also to maps like this one that you see in the photo. The Sonic the Hedgehog Minigame is another one of those wonders made with Creative Mode. When we say that it has no limits, it is for something ...

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