Minecraft: Coal - How to get it and what to make with it


Minecraft: Coal - How to get it and what to make with it

Of all the resources in Minecraft , coal is one of the most important. If you want to bring out your authentic mining side and take advantage of the full potential of smelting furnaces, you have to get used to this resource so present in the game. Here we are going to explain how you get charcoal and, incidentally, what variants it has, what can be made with it and why it is so good for the oven.

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This and many other recommendations, tricks and tips are part of our Minecraft tips guide . If you want to be the best player of this title, take a look at everything we tell you in it. We do not leave block uncovered with all our specialized content.

What is coal and how is it obtained?

The coal, also known as coal, is an object that can get in the natural state menas chopping coal with a peak. It is one of the most efficient fuels for smelting in the furnace, although above it we can find Blaze rods or even lava. It has a variant known as charcoal, which is obtained from wood and has the same duration.

It is the essential material, the first one that we need during our departure to be able to survive the cold and hard nights. We are going to tell you how to get it and, of course, what you can and cannot do with it.

How to get charcoal

To get coal, as we have already advanced, you only have to mince coal ores . They are easy to find if you go into any cave or underground in the game. In fact, if you go to the Nether and kill any skeletons, it is also possible that they will drop coal units. Something ideal to increase your inventory with this fuel and have plenty of it for when the time comes to make melts in the furnace.

Then there is another variation known as charcoal that we will explain specifically how it is achieved in a later section. Pay close attention, because this is going to interest you a lot.

What to make with charcoal

There is not much that can be made with coal , although the little that is done with it is frankly important. This material is more oriented to function as fuel to melt, rather than to create new things. Of course, it is essential if you want to have torches in your inventory. For them you will need both coal and sticks, although in that we will delve into their corresponding section. Keep on reading to know everything:

How to get charcoal

To get charcoal , what you have to do is go to a smelting furnace and make a combination of the simplest. Is the next:

  • Charcoal - Any log of wood + Any fuel

With that, you already have that very good coal variant to bring your furnace to life and continue to use it to get ingots and other key materials to improve your character during the adventure.

At the work table

Coal is not a material intended for construction . Yes you can create something from it on the artboard, but it is just a type of block intended for other purposes, and a tool, although quite important. We explain what it is and what you need below:

  • Carbon Block - 9x Carbon
  • Torch - 1x Stick + 1x Coal
Interestingly, if you bring a block of coal to a workbench, you will get 9 units of coal in your inventory . You can use it, in any case, as a resource to store more quantities of coal without having to take up so much space. Something ideal to have enough of this resource in case you want to spend a lot of time baking and smelting in your game.

At the Foundry

Inside the smelting furnace, the coal is basically used as fuel to fan the flames . The good thing about it is that its duration as fuel is 80 seconds, or what is the same, out of a total of 8 uses with this tool. Both normal and vegetable charcoal are valid in this sense, so they can be used interchangeably and without problems.

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