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Minecraft enchantments: what they are and how to enchant weapons and objects


Minecraft enchantments: what they are and how to enchant weapons and objects

Having an enchantment table in Minecraft is essential if you want to improve certain objects with special abilities. It is not easy to craft such a table, you need some materials that are not easy to get . In his day we explain what you need and where they are obtained . We could say that the most difficult to get are the obsidian blocks. When you have it, it is the perfect time to learn about all the enchantments available in Minecraft and what they are for.

If you like to explore the world and face all kinds of enemies, it is better to be prepared. If you have pretty decent armor and weapon then it 's time to move on to the next level . You can enchant virtually every piece of gear to deal more damage, mine faster, breathe longer underwater, and more. All are advantages!

What are enchantments

Enchantments are improvements that you can apply to certain main objects such as the sword, the pickaxe, or bows. The power of some enchantments increases depending on the level, but here are some of the best enchantments in Minecraft . So, whenever you can, increase the level to the maximum so that the improvement is greater. As I mentioned before, you have to have a table in enchantments if you want to improve an object.

How to enchant weapons and items

To enchant an object in Minecraft you just have to right click on the enchantment table. Next, you have to choose the item to enchant. On the right side you will see three glyphs, each with a level. The level of these glyphs and the type is random . If you remove and replace the same object you will see that the glyphs change. Finally, you just have to click on a glyph to enchant the item.

The glyphs on the enchantment table are unreadable

All Minecraft enchantments

  • Aquatic affinity –Maximum level 1–: used to mine faster underwater.
  • Aquatic agility - maximum level 5 -: you move faster under water.
  • Boom Drop –Maximum Level 4–: You take less damage when falling
  • Thorns - maximum level 3 -: returns part of the damage received to enemies.
  • Vanishing / Vanishing Curse - Max Level 1-: If you die, the enchanted item disappears.
  • Curse of Ligament - max level 1 -: makes it impossible to remove a placed object, for example part of the armor.
  • Icy step –maximum level 2–: if you walk on the water it turns into ice.
  • Protection - maximum level 4 -: reduces almost all types of damage by 4% for each level.
  • Protection against fire - maximum level 4 -: reduces the year for fire.
  • Explosion protection - maximum level 4 -: reduces recoil and also the damage you take in explosions.
  • Protection against projectiles - maximum level 4 -: if you are hit by a projectile, you take less damage.
  • Breathing –maximum level 3–: you can breathe longer underwater.
  • Repair - maximum level 1 -: used to repair all objects with experience.
  • Soul Speed –Maximum Level 3–: You walk faster on Soul Arena and Soul Land.
  • Fiery / Fire / Burning Aspect –Maximum Level 2–: Used to set the target on fire.
  • Attraction / lure –maximum level 3–: when fishing, the waiting time is reduced.
  • Quick charge - maximum level 3 -: the charging time of the crossbow is shorter.
  • Conductivity –maximum level 1–: it is used to conduct a beam towards the entity you hit. This enchantment only works when there are thunderstorms.
  • Loot / loot –maximum level 3–: used to increase the rewards released by mobs.
  • Efficiency - maximum level 5 -: Mines much faster. Applying the enchantment to an ax has a higher chance of piercing a shield.
  • Impalement –maximum level 5–: if you hit ocean mobs with a pitchfork they take additional damage.
  • Knock Down / Push –Max Level 2–: You push the target.
  • Fortune –maximum level 3–: increases the number of resources you get by mining some blocks.
  • Flame / incendiary arrow / fire –Maximum level 1–: if an arrow hits, it ignites the target.
  • Sharpness / Sharpness –Max Level 5–: Increases damage.
  • Sweeping / Sweeping Edge - max level 3 -: making a sweeping attack increases the damage.
  • Punish / Hit / Punch –Max Level 5–: Increases damage to all undead creatures.
  • Infinity –maximum level 1–: when shooting you don't use normal arrows.
  • Durability - max level 3–: increases the durability of items.
  • Loyalty - maximum level 3 -: when you throw the trident it will always return to you.
  • Multi - shot –maximum level 1–: for each shot you shoot three arrows. However, you can only retrieve one arrow.
  • Arthropod Nightmare / Bane –Max Level 5–: You do more damage to arthropods.
  • Penetrating / Piercing –Maximum Level 4–: If you shoot an arrow it can pierce certain mobs.
  • Power - maximum level 5 -: Damage from arrows increases.
  • Current / water / propulsion - maximum level 3 -: when you throw the trident you will be dragged. This only works when it is raining or underwater.
  • Recoil - maximum level 2 -: increase the recoil.
  • Marine luck –maximum level 3–: the chances of an object of little value coming out are reduced.
  • Silk touch –maximum level 1–: when mining a block, it falls as it is placed.