Minecraft: Essential Tips to Start Your Adventure


Minecraft: Essential Tips to Start Your Adventure

Everyone who plays Minecraft has a first time with Survival Mode. A contact that becomes a barrage of questions about not knowing what to do, where to go and what is happening. A first time that forces us to offer you a helping hand with a selection of the best and most important tips to start your adventure in this video game.

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In our great Minecraft guide you have many answers to common questions, questions about the game, about how to make constructions and practically everything. However, we are going to start with the essentials, and that is to help you survive on your first day of Survival .

Essential tips to get started in Minecraft Survival Mode

The first few minutes in Minecraft Survival Mode can be utter chaos. What I do? Where I go? What is that green bug that blinks? It is common to get lost at the beginning of the game, since it puts you in an almost infinite world and explains absolutely nothing. You see yourself in the middle of nowhere, lost and watching the hours go by and the sun begins to set. And, oh my friend, you don't know how dangerous it is to stay outside when the moon comes up.

But don't worry, you can move around safely and become familiar with this environment quickly. In fact, you can become a survivor from that to… that if you know what to do and how to do it. That's where this guide comes into play with the essential tips to start your Minecraft adventure. Pay close attention, because you care if you don't want to be creeper grass.

Start with a reconnaissance of the terrain, but don't go far

The first thing you should know is the type of seed that you got when the new world was generated and, of course, in which biome you are . You may have appeared in a jungle, on a mountain, in a meadow, in a desert ... We advise you to see our biome guide to be clear about where it appears and what you can expect from it, as it will determine your chances of survival on the first day. In fact, you can also choose the world it appears in with some of the best Minecraft seeds .

When you are more or less clear about the environment in which you find yourself, start exploring nearby areas to see sources of resources and know what materials you can find. Do not stray too far because, if you have appeared in a good place, it is very easy for you to get lost. And believe us, it is not advisable to get lost on the first day, since the night lurks and, with it, the great dangers of the game.

Collect wood and stone mostly

There are many resources to get, in fact it is highly advisable that you get food so that your character does not start to lose health due to being hungry. However, the most important materials you have to build are wood and stone . Thanks to them you will be able to build the odd ax or a pick to be able to cut down the trees faster or dig better in the stone and thus get even more materials quickly.

They are also very necessary because they are the key to being able to build your first shelter in the game . You will need it to be able to survive the night without threats and without dangers that could put your life at risk. And, as we will see later, the night time is the most dangerous in Survival Mode.

Prepare a shelter

We have already told you before, but we must insist. The shelter is the first thing you have to build in the game , once you have some equipment in your hands. You need at least three-block high walls so that enemies can't sneak into it. You will also need to build a bed so that you can get through the night quickly and make the day come automatically. To build it, you need three units of wool in the middle row and three of wood in the bottom row of the creation menu. You will have to cut down trees and kill some sheep.

When you have made the shelter, remember that you must close it so that nothing and no one can sneak in. You can do it all on the wall or, if you have time and material, create a door to make it more accessible to you.

Watch out for the night

If we insist so much on shelters, it is because night is when the most enemies begin to appear in Minecraft . The zombies begin to emerge from beyond the grave, the archer skeletons pepper you with their brilliant aim from afar, the Creepers approach and even the Endermans appear. Do not go out at night unless you have a weapon and objects to heal at least, because otherwise you will fall at the mercy of the mobs in a jiffy. We warn you.

Have good references or a map

When you are going to start exploring, it is advisable that you can save some references so you do not get lost . Keep in mind that the Minecraft map is huge and that it is very easy to get lost and be completely oriented, especially if you are fleeing from enemies. Therefore, do your best to get a map as soon as possible, or even activate the coordinates to have a good reference of where your shelter is.

To have the coordinates activated in your game, you must enable the option before creating the world to start playing, although you can also use the command console to do so. Be that as it may, you need references because, otherwise, you are sure to get lost.

Know your enemies

Not all enemies behave the same , and you should know what each one does to avoid unpleasant surprises. The Creepers , for example, blink until they explode, destroying the whole area and quitándote much life. The zombies just pounce on you when they see you. The archers skeletons attacking you from afar with their bows and have very good aim. The Enderman appear and disappear and only attack you if you attack them or look into the eyes (do not do it !).

These are the most common, but sorcerers and other creatures can also appear in your early days on the surface. Later, when you explore the Nether or the End, you will run into other types of enemies much more powerful, although it is still early for that.

Don't attack the villagers!

During your first day you may run into a village while exploring. It is possible that you will come very high this time and start looting everything in the houses and chests that you find around here. There is no problem in that, since it can come in handy to get extra resources, in fact it is also good to get a bed for your shelter. Mind you, don't even think about attacking the villagers .

If you do, the probability that you will run into a golem that won't stop until it kills you is extremely high. Later you could stand up to him, but now he will be able to trample you mercilessly and in seconds. Therefore, avoid attacking the villagers as much as possible.

If you survive the first night, congratulations, you've done Minecraft!

Have you been able to spend your first night in the bed of your shelter? So, congratulations, because you've already made Minecraft . Surviving your first day of adventure is taking your first step to be a crack in this video game. But you should know one thing: the best is yet to come .

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