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Minecraft: Gold - How to get it and what to craft with it


Minecraft: Gold - How to get it and what to craft with it

Before you start reading everything about this material, we have to recommend you take a look at our Minecraft Guide . In it we explain all the secrets of the game, as well as everything you need to know about other materials. Your best companion in both Survival Mode and Creative Mode, perfect to know everything about this famous video game.

What is Gold and how is it obtained?

Gold is one of the best-known precious metals in Minecraft . An item that can be found in both the Real World and the Nether, 2 of the 3 Minecraft Worlds , and that is especially useful for creating some automated mechanisms in the game. Many consider it the best material for creating weapons and armor, but, as we will see later, it is a big mistake to waste this material for that.

As with other minerals, the important thing is not the Gold Block or the Gold Ore, what is really used for crafting in the game is the Gold Ingot . But don't worry, because we are also going to explain how to find gold bars in the game.

How to get Gold

In general, when playing the game, the most common is to find Gold Ores . To find them you only have to explore mines and underground, being the height Y = 54 the one where it is most likely to find these blocks. You will have to chop with an iron pickaxe or higher if you really want to have a chance of getting the ore. Obtaining it is essential since, if you take the Gold Ore to the Smelting Furnace , you will be able to get Gold Bars with which to make many more elements (something you can do exactly the same with a gold ore from the Nether). You can also craft a Gold Ingot in the following ways, on the Workbench:

  • 9x Gold Bar - 1x Gold Block
  • 1x Gold Bar - 9x Gold Nugget

Now, you can also find Gold Bars directly, and this is interesting. Everything you can do with gold you actually do with its bullion, and getting these directly is much more convenient than chopping blocks and putting them in the oven. To get Gold Ingots without the furnace, you only have to kill zombie pigmen in the Nether after activating the Nether Reactor, although you can also get it by killing Drowned . It is not necessary to travel to the other Minecraft World to get this mineral.

In fact, you can also find Gold Ingots in hidden chests in Nether Fortresses, Normal Fortresses, Temples, Abandoned Mines, and Dungeons . Even if you hurry a little, there may also be in the village smithies. Don't lose sight of them.

What to make with Gold

The first thing you should know is that you can create all the usual Iron tools also with gold . From swords to armor, axes and other utensils can be gilded if you wish. In fact, its manufacturing recipe is exactly the same, only substituting the Iron Ingots for Gold Ingots.

Which we do not recommend, because it turns out that creations with gold are more fragile than with the other material . It is not appropriate to prepare these tools like this, therefore it is better that you focus on using other more robust materials for it. Fortunately, it is not the only thing that can be made with gold on the Workbench. We are going to see below all the possible creations with this metal, leaving aside the use of the smelting furnace, since it only serves to obtain the ingots that we are precisely going to use next.

At the Work Table

  • Gold Block - 9x Gold Bar
  • Watch - 4x Gold Ingot + 1x Redstone Dust
  • Gold Nugget - 1x Gold Bar
  • Golden Apple - 8x Gold Bar + 1x Apple
  • Light Pressure Plate - 2x Gold Ingot
  • Underramundite Ingot - 4x Gold Ingot + 4x Underramundite Fragment
  • Drive Rail - 6x Gold Ingot + 1x Stick + 1x Redstone Dust