Minecraft: How To Build The Best Walls Quick And Easy


Minecraft: How To Build The Best Walls Quick And Easy

The Creative Mode of Minecraft gives you to do many things, but above all it is the key to speed up construction. Thanks to this, you can make your walls better than ever, although for that you also need some additional help that we are going to offer you here. Do you want to have the best walls of all the servers? In that case, pay attention, because we are going to give you a series of key tips.

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Another piece of our huge Minecraft guide . We want you to enjoy this game to the fullest and, incidentally, to become a true pro of the Mojang Studios blocks. Check it out to learn much more about this video game, but read on first to find out how to make the best walls easily .

What is a wall in Minecraft - Differences with walls

In Minecraft you can build all kinds of structures , especially thanks to Creative Mode. However, many players confuse wall with wall , and they are two completely different things. They may have some similar use, but their utility and background are much greater (in the case of the walls). We are going to start by explaining the differences and what each one is to clarify things well before continuing.

So a wall is what you read. A larger or smaller wall that is used to delimit two spaces and divide them. You can put the thickness you want that, if it is only limited to that, it is nothing more than a wall. To turn it into a wall you have to do another series of things that allow, precisely, to give it that other use that is sought.

This is a wooden wall

This is a wall

A wall is also a wall, but you have room to move around it . In general, it has a higher exterior wall and, behind this, a smaller one that can be accessed with stairs or through other different structures. In the images that you have on this paragraph you can see both one and the other so that it is clear what each one is.

Tips to create good walls easily in Minecraft

There are several key factors to consider when creating sturdy walls in Minecraft . The first thing is that the material to be used must be quite solid. If you can use hard stone blocks or even something stronger, it is much better, since it will help you to protect more strongly the area you want to wall. Likewise, we must also insist that it is something to be taken in stride. It takes time because there is no trick to building faster, although Creative Mode helps.

Do you want more tips? Well then read on.

Adapt to the terrain

Do not have a squared mind, think about how the Great Wall of China adapted to the terrain to achieve a surprisingly large structure and, also, as strong as it is durable. With this in mind, play with shapes too. In this way, you will not only get something much bigger and more powerful, but also much more striking. Because let's not fool ourselves, deep down we also like our buildings to look beautiful.

Use foundation

Foundation of the pillar of a wall

This is how the pillar would be

You must use foundations , although it is true that in Minecraft, especially with the materials with which walls are built, there is no gravity effect (there is in other blocks ). Think of the images you have above, something similar to how a pillar would be made in reality, and apply that concept to your walls. Combine those great walls with towers that have, in turn, a central pillar on which to support themselves. That, in addition to giving more volume and credibility, will make it more difficult to break them.

Place easy accesses

The walls should not only be used to protect, you should also think about their usability. What is the use of having a huge wall if you are not able to access the top of it to have some kind of advantage? That is something that you should also take into account if you do not want problems, so put stairs or any other type of access. If you want, you can even use a water elevator that is much more attractive and makes your wall seem practically from the future.

Don't be in a hurry

Above all, take it easy . Focus on enjoying the construction of your wall and you will see how the result is much better. Things end up being better when you dedicate time and love to them, much more than if you do everything running and wanting to finish soon.

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