Minecraft: How to Build a Good House in Creative Mode


Minecraft: How to Build a Good House in Creative Mode

Having a home in Minecraft is also quite important. You can go for it in Survival Mode, but it is best to put the Creative Mode, since this way you will have total freedom to build as much as you want and using all the materials that interest you. Here we are going to focus on this last option, giving you some key tips to build good houses in Creative Mode.

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Ask the Builder Help Call

Another chapter of our great Minecraft Guide of tricks and secrets. In it we explain everything to dominate this world of blocks and creations, but now we are going to focus on the creation of houses. Do you want advice for building walls? General tricks? Recommendations to start your adventure? Well then take a look at it.

Why do I need a house in Minecraft?

Houses are essential in Minecraft . As we explained well in our initial tips for Survival Mode , without a house you are completely sold out overnight. When the sun goes down, the enemies go outside and will chase you to kill you. That is why you need both a house and a good shelter.

In your house, in addition to having your bed to rest at night , it is also good to have chests to store your objects and better equipment, as well as a work table and other essential elements to make your adventure more bearable. It will become the place to respawn in case you are killed during your Survival matches , so you should not only build it with care, but also treat it with care so that it lasts as long as possible.

How to Build a House in Creative - Essential Tips

As you may already know, Creative Mode is the key to Minecraft when it comes to tackling any construction , no matter how small or large. When you enter it you will have total freedom of materials and movement, so it is ideal for you to make that house that you have always wanted. Here we are going to give you the key tips to have one that is not only beautiful, but can also protect you well from the enemies that roam the Overworld at night.

Use robust materials

Do you remember the story of the three little pigs? If you want a home in which to shelter with complete peace of mind, you must resort to materials that are truly robust. It is useless to have a wooden house that can fall between any Creeper with bad intentions. Use brick or rock for good walls, a good floor, and even a good roof to protect you from everything else. If you start from that, we assure you that you will save yourself a lot of problems in the future. Also, do not worry about quantities, in Creative there is everything.

Be clear about the size of your house

It is the first thing you should think about to guide the structure. With a house of 10 × 10 blocks you already have more than enough to start , although, being in Creative Mode, freedom is absolute. Determine the size of your home before starting and keep this in mind when choosing the place to build it, since that also influences. For example, it is not at all a good idea to build the side of a cavern, because mobs will come out of it and come after you. Think how big you want your house (don't be shy, you are in Creative) and place it well.

The harder the doors, the better

Doors are your entrance and exit zone from home , and they are the first thing you have to think about as well. Be careful what material you choose, because wood may be good at first, but fall short in the long run. A wooden door is very basic and easy to have and place, the problem is that, the moment enemies come in Survival Mode, they can break it and tear it down. If you create an iron door, the better, since it will be impossible for zombies to break it, and that will protect you much more in case of attack. Do not forget!

There is no house without a roof

The song said to start the house on the roof and, although you can do it in Minecraft: Creative mode, it is something that we recommend you leave for last . Having a good roof is not only something that helps you aesthetically, but it will also prevent enemies from climbing easily and can attack you from above when you are in Survival Mode. You have many different options, you can even use brick stairs to use as roofs for your home. You decide, although our advice is to do the latter, because they already have the shape and inclination of a roof.

You have to illuminate the area

The lights are essential not only to be able to see your house at night, but also to scare away the mobs that may approach . If the lighting level is 7 and up, you will not have problems because the monsters will not approach your house. To achieve this, you just have to place torches on the walls of your home or, if you prefer, opt for other luminous blocks. Here our best advice is to experiment, there are many different options that you can take advantage of to have your house well lit even when the night is darkest.

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