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Minecraft: How to Create a Bed for Your Shelter


Minecraft: How to Create a Bed for Your Shelter

In Minecraft the feeling of adventure and the eagerness to explore everything are what rules, but every adventurer needs to rest, and for that it is essential to have a good bed. Having this place to rest is essential and, if you don't have it, here we are going to help you get it. How? Explaining what you need and how to create a bed for your shelter.

You are interested, right? In that case, you just have to keep reading. Of course, before getting into the matter, we have to recommend that you take a look at our definitive Minecraft Guide . A compilation with the best tips and tricks of the game, in all modes, all editions and all codes . In short, the most complete guide that you will find of the title signed by Mojang Studios.

How to make a bed in Minecraft

To make a bed in Minecraft, you need very few materials . You must have at least 3 blocks of wood and 3 blocks of wool of any type. Once you have them, just go to the Work Table you have in your shelter or anywhere else, and combine them. The pattern for creating the beds is the one you have in the image just below these lines:

Bed creation pattern

With that, it is already more than enough to have your own bed in Survival Mode . It is also true that it is not necessary to create it, since you can go to any nearby village, enter one of the houses and take one with you. You choose how to do it, although in the end both methods are equally valid for what you want.

Change the colors of your bed

Surely you have already seen it, but there are beds of different colors in Minecraft . To get them you can either steal them from the villagers or the places where you see them, or create them with colored Wool. To do this, you just have to follow the same creation pattern seen above and change the normal wool for a colored one. So you can have cyan, pink, red, blue, yellow beds and many other colors.

There is also another method of coloring beds, which consists of taking a white bed and applying a colored dye on the Workbench . As it happened before, they are two equally valid options, so you decide which one to choose according to your convenience.

What is the bed used for in Minecraft?

The bed is a block that is as common as it is necessary in Minecraft. It is used to make the night end quickly and dawn again . In fact, by resting in one you will also be creating a new spawn point, so that if you die, you will reappear in the last bed you slept in . Importantly, in case the bed is destroyed, the spawn point linked to it will disappear completely.

Also, you will not be able to rest in bed if there are mobs nearby . since this way you will prevent enemies from approaching and you can always lie down to rest.