Minecraft: How to Create an Infinite Water Fountain


Minecraft: How to Create an Infinite Water Fountain

Water is one of Minecraft's most prized assets , although it may not measure up to rarities like Emeralds or Diamonds. Having an unlimited source of water nearby is quite advisable, especially if you want to experiment with this element or make some cool creation like these here. Now, how can you have a water feature that never ends in Minecraft? Here we are going to explain it to you.

What you are going to read is something that is part of the definitive Minecraft Guide . A collection of tips, secrets, commands, recommendations and answers to the most frequent questions about this game. An ideal guide for any novice or expert in Minecraft to get out of doubt and squeeze every block of this video game.

How to create an infinite water fountain in Minecraft

The behavior of water in Minecraft is something worth studying. Generally, it can be distinguished into two states: dynamic and static. When it is dynamic it is because there is a flow of current and, probably, in the case of extracting it with a bucket, it will not appear again in the area unless it has a nearby fort from which it emanates. When it is static, it does not matter how many times you take water with a bucket, because it will always be refilled.

Something that is very interesting if you want to make your own water elevator , and that we are going to help you achieve here. Our goal is to build a fountain with static water , since that is the same as having an infinite water fountain. Don't worry, you will only need a bucket and some water nearby. The rest is sewing and crafting.

1 - Open a pit

The pit where to place the fountain

The first and most important step is to open the moat where we want that limitless water source to be . In this case, we are going to make a 2 × 2 block , quite simple and fast. Find a flat area with space and open that hole 2 blocks wide by 2 blocks high. The depth should only be one block since, if it is greater, it will cost you much more to fill the source to make it infinite.

2 - Fill it with water until it is static

Start by filling with water

When it's like this, it will never end

Once this is done, take an empty bucket and fill it with water from any nearby pond . You have to pour a bucket of water inside your pit, placing one unit for each corner in it. You will therefore need a total of 4 buckets of water . When you throw them all, you will see that it stops moving and remains totally static. You already have the infinite water fountain!

3 - Take the water you want

You take a bucket and ...

Whoosh! Refills

Now, with an empty bucket, extract the water from inside your fountain. You will see that, each time you take a bucket, the fountain refills itself and without having to do anything. You are done, you already have the unlimited water source.

Now, you can take advantage of and develop on it in case you want to make a more spectacular creation , or at least something bigger, like the font that you have seen in the main image of this guide. Do not worry about the water, because with what you have done you will not miss one bit.

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