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Minecraft: How to create the Nether Portal


Minecraft: How to create the Nether Portal

Surely you have been trying to figure out how to get to the Nether in Minecraft for a while . We are sorry to tell you that there is no door that appears randomly on the map or exploring caverns and mines , the only way to enter is to create a Portal to the Nether or Underworld . How is it created? That is exactly what we are going to see in this guide because you will need certain materials .

In this post that is part of our gigantic Minecraft Guide , we are going to explain what materials you need and how to make a Nether Portal. In fact, we are going to explain to you how to make the two Portals to the Underworld that exist , and that is that there are two different versions for which you will need more or less ingredients. We are going to explain all that to you here.

What is the Nether Portal and what is it for?

The Nether Portal is used to enter the Nether or Underworld , one of the 3 worlds of Minecraft . It should not be confused with the Portal of the End, as this is the one that leads to The End, where you can fight the Enderdragon to pass the game . In this regard we also tell you how to make the Portal to the End . The Nether Portal is essential to access Hell in Survival Mode, in fact, it is the only way there is to enter it.

And how is it created? That is exactly what we are going to see in the next section. It is a "homemade" construction portal , for which you will only need one type of material and something that generates a flame. It's very easy, you'll see.

How to create the Nether Portal

To create the Nether Portal you need ingredients that are easy to find, although with some risk because they involve interaction with lava. You also need a little fire and a simple build.

We are going to see below the different types of Nether Portals that there are , there are two, and also what is needed and how they are built and activated.

Materials needed and how to obtain them

The only material required to create the Nether Portal is Obsidian . To find it you have to combine the use of water and lava. The minimum amount of Obsidian blocks to make the portal is 10, and the maximum is 14 blocks.

When you have that minimum amount, or the maximum if you prefer, you just need to follow the steps that we are going to indicate in the next section. You will now see how to create and activate the Nether Portal .

Nether Portal Creation and Activation

The process of creating the Nether Portal or Nether is very simple. You just have to place the Obsidian blocks manually anywhere on the map in the Overworld. The layout must be that of a rectangular portal 5 blocks long by 4 wide or, failing that, 2 blocks by 3, as indicated in the "economic format". To make the patterns clearer, then we leave them in an image.

The options to create your Nether Portal with Obsidian

Now that you have the portal created, you have to activate it . To do this you just have to apply fire with a lighter or a fireball . It's that easy. Once you turn it on, the vortex inside it will open and you can cross it to enter the Nether. Be careful though, because you can jump to the other side and fall very close to the lava.

In the event that you want to deactivate the portal , you just have to remove one of the blocks that make it up.