Minecraft: How to defend your house, tricks and best methods


Minecraft: How to defend your house, tricks and best methods

Although most of the time in Minecraft Survival Mode is spent exploring or even exploring caves and mines , when night falls it is important to return home so as not to fall prey to all the dangers that swarm the Overworld. The problem is that these can destroy your house and sneak into it if they are especially aggressive. But don't worry, because today you are going to learn how to defend your refuge with the best tricks and methods .

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The best ways to defend your house in Minecraft

When night falls in Survival Mode is when you have to worry the most about being careful. The mobs appear at night, attacking you as soon as they see you or following certain patterns of behavior. Some can be especially annoying, as they can chase you home and prevent you from going to bed for the night and morning. The downside of that is that the most dangerous can start hitting your construction and destroy it to sneak into the kitchen if necessary.

Can these things be prevented from happening? Of course yes. If you do not want that brand new house that you have built following all our tips to start in Minecraft be completely destroyed by the explosions of the Creepers or by other enemies, pay close attention. Here are the best ways and tricks to defend your home.

Always put lights

The mobs or enemies do not appear nearby when the light level is 7 or more . Therefore, the best thing to do is to place as many torches and lights as possible around your house. Remember that the vast majority of enemies only appear at night, and you can avoid them and even scare them away easily if the entire facade of your shelter is well lit. They won't want to get close and can therefore leave you alone when night falls.

Build a wall around

Another way to further remove your enemies from the refuge in which you want to take refuge is, without a doubt, by building a good wall around it. Create walls that surround your entire house and make sure they are at least four blocks high. With that, it will be more than enough so that your enemies cannot get close. Of course, it is important that you build them of a quality material. With using rock you have enough, it is resistant and capable of restraining mobs.

Use iron gates

Forget about the wooden doors that you usually start the game with, the same ones that we tell you how to build in our initial construction guide for Survival Mode . Now you have to take another leap in terms of quality and protection, and for that your best ally is the iron gate . To make it, you need a work table and 6 iron ingots (to get these you have to melt iron ore in the furnace). With that you can make a much more resistant door, in fact, there will be no zombie or enemy capable of breaking it in case of chasing you and trying to sneak in.

Prepare a moat around your house

Moats are ideal and essential to protect your home. The best thing to do is to combine two different types, because they both have very specific functions. With a moat of water, for example, you will automatically drive away Endermans who try to approach your shelter. With a lava pit, on the other hand, what you will achieve is that everyone who falls into it ends up dying in flames. Make two pits 3 blocks deep and two blocks thick each, pour water into the first and lava into the second . Remember also that it is very important that they surround your entire house.

Have cats

Yes, everyone likes cats, or almost everyone. If you have cats in the surroundings of your shelter or your house, you will ensure that the Creepers never approach and, thus, you will be able to get rid of a type of mob easily. The reason is simple. This enemy has a real panic of cats, so as soon as he sees a few, he will run away from where he came from. It will never explode near your home.

There is no better company than that of a good golem

It's a good idea to also have a few golem around the house , or at least the material to create it in case enemies start coming. Have a snow golem, as this will allow him to attack from afar what comes close. Not sure how to do them? Don't worry, here we explain how to make golems in Minecraft (link soon).

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