Minecraft: How to Make All Types of Golem


Minecraft: How to Make All Types of Golem

Golem are very common creatures in Minecraft . If you have ever visited a village, you have surely seen them. In fact, if you have stood up to the Raiders, you will also know them because they can help you a lot in these fights. But did you know that you can create Golem? Indeed, you can combine materials following certain patterns to make all the Minecraft Golem , and here we are going to explain everything to you.

Get the most out of the video game with our complete Minecraft Guide . Once you learn to create the Snow and Iron Golem, we advise you to click on this link to see everything we have to offer you. You will learn more tricks, secrets and even see mods that you would never have imagined for this video game. But before you start, you have to know that you cannot make Golem of diamond , fire, gold or any other material without mods.

How to make all the Golem in Minecraft

In Minecraft there are two types of Golem that can help you a lot when it comes to entertaining enemies or even attacking them. We are going to explain what materials you need to create them and, of course, what is the method of creating each one. Read on if you want to know how to make Iron Golem and, also, how to create Snow Golem . The two independent creatures that you can bring to life from pumpkins. Yes, yes, pumpkins.

How to make the Iron Golem

To make an Iron Golem you will need Iron Blocks and a Pumpkin . You can find them easily, When you have all the materials (4x Iron and 1x Carved Pumpkin), the method to follow is very simple. You must place the Iron Blocks in a "T" shape, placing one first on the ground and then a row of 3 on top of it. When you have all that, place a Pumpkin on top, right in the middle.

The result has to be approximately like the image you have on these lines . The moment you do so, the Iron Golem will spawn, accompanying you when exploring. You can use a rope to keep it tightly tied and make sure it always goes with you, or you can also leave it free to see how it behaves. It is ideal to kill mobs easily, although it is not recommended to put it very close to a Snow Golem , since it can attack you involuntarily.

How to make the Snow Golem

The Snow Golem is a somewhat weaker version of the Iron Golem , however it is ideal for fighting the Blaze in the Nether. Its creation process is much simpler, since you will only need 2 Snow Blocks and 1 Carved Pumpkin . With that, you already have all the necessary ingredients to give life to this very useful creature for combat. Next, the scheme to create it.

To create the Snow Golem, you just have to make an item tower . Put the two blocks of snow first, one on top of the other. Finally, place the pumpkin on top of all of them and wait a few moments. At the moment, you will see how the whole is transformed into this creature that can help you fight so much in the Underworld. It is done very easily, and it is especially useful because it leaves a trail of snow in its path, ideal for getting snowballs, and it also attacks from a distance by throwing those same balls. You must be careful with him, yes, since the rain kills him just like the water. Additionally, it takes damage in Deserts, Jungles, Tables, and Savannas.

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