Minecraft: How To Make An Automatic Harvester Machine


Minecraft: How To Make An Automatic Harvester Machine

The magic of Redstone and the imagination of the players make it possible to create automatic machines in Minecraft . They are the most impressive creations that you can take advantage of to your advantage to obtain infinite resources. Here we are going to focus on one of the most interesting that you can find, the automatic harvesting machine . We are going to explain step by step how to create it.

One of the most advanced guides in our almost infinite Minecraft Guide . If you want to have at hand the best tricks, the best tips, the commands, the mods, the skins ... Everything about this game. You just have to enter that link that we have left you. But wait a bit before doing it, because now we are going to see how to make that harvesting machine that is going to serve you so well.

How do you make an automatic harvesting machine in Minecraft?

To make an automated harvesting machine in Minecraft you will need about 20 blocks of solid material, Redstone Powder, Redstone Torches, Dispensers, Observers, ladder blocks, Redstone Repeaters, Bone Powder and a Potato or a Carrot, in addition dirt and a hoe. It is the list of essential materials for you to follow the process that we are going to explain here without limitations.

When you have it all, move on to the reading. Get ready and follow both what we explain in the text and what you see in the images , only then can you make sure you follow the steps perfectly so that this machine works. You'll see when you finish it. The result is sensational.

1 - Create the base of your machine

Create the base of your machine

Create the base of your machine

To create the base of your harvester, the first thing you need are two ladders of whatever material you want and an adhesive piston . Place the stairs facing the same direction and a block apart. After putting them on, place between them, and just a block behind, an adhesive piston at ground level .

After placing it, you have to dig around to get a rectangle 3 blocks wide by 5 long . When you're done, as you can see in the second image above, place another solid block behind the piston. The final result has to be approximate to what you see in that same image.

2 - The Redstone Circuit begins

The Redstone Circuit begins

The Redstone Circuit begins

Now is the time to use the Redstone. Place a Redstone Torch on that last block you placed. After that, you will need to place a Redstone Repeater "coming out" of the torch and another, right next to it, heading towards the same block. Connect both with Redstone Dust as you can see right in the first image above this paragraph.

He then places another solid block on the edge of the hole and in front of the repeater that "looks" at the previous block . Put a torch on this new block and Redstone Dust both on top of it and next to the torch. To slow down the circuit for now, put another block right next to it, and on top of the Redstone on the ground. Also roll the Sticky Piston with more blocks. Don't worry, the second image in this section makes it clear how everything should look.

3 - The switch of your harvest farm

One of the simplest steps. Go back to the side of the building where the stairs were and place a solid block over the space left between the block with the torch and the Redstone (you may need to place one in the pit first and then remove it). Now, on the outer face, put a lever . This will be the switch for our entire machine. In fact, press it to check that everything is properly connected and that the piston moves. Look at the image above for a better reference.

4 - «Close» the piston and place Dispensers

«Close» the piston and place Dispensers

«Close» the piston and place Dispensers

One of the most important parts arrives. Now, you need to put another solid block on top of each one that you put around the sticky piston originally , it's only three so it doesn't have much of a leak. If it is not clear to you, look at the first of the images in this section.

After doing that, it is time to put the Dispensers . You need a total of 6, and you will place them all around the piston and facing it. You are going to have to make 3 columns of 2 each, so remember to bend over so you can put one on top of the other. If you don't do it like this, you will open its interior again and again. When you're done, the result should look like the second image.

5 - Connected Observers

Connected Observers

Connected Observers

For the circuit to work and the machine to do what it needs to do, you need to place 2 Observer blocks facing the first Redstone torch you placed . You have to put them on top of her and looking at her, as seen in the first image. Thus, they will be able to emit a signal that we will use for the Dispensers. Look at the first picture to guide you.

After placing them, you must put solid blocks again , this time one on top of the last Observer (this block is very important), and also two rows on each side. On these two rows, you must also put Redstone Dust for the circuit to work. Look at the second image and you will have it clearer.

6 - The water tank

The water tank

The water tank

We have to use water to be able to maintain a fertile plot of land for all of this to work. What you have to do is very simple. On one side of the rows of blocks with Redstone that you just placed, preferably the interior, you must put another two solid blocks and, between them, a ladder that leaves a gap available between its edge and the block with Redstone. The result should be like the first image.

You already have it? Well now take a bucket of water and pour it right into that hole . You already have your water tank ready so that the land is valid for cultivation.

7 - Put dirt on the Piston, prepare it and fill the Dispensers

Put dirt on the Piston, prepare it and fill the Dispensers

Put a block of plain dirt on the Piston . When you have placed it, hit it with the Hoe to make it farmland. Then, put Bone Powder in all the Dispensers you have placed (you do not have to fill them). The latter is essential for the machine to work as it should, and believe us, you will notice it as soon as you start it.

8 - Start using your grow machine

Now, take a potato or a carrot. Activate the machine with the lever and you will see how the piston with soil begins to move , at the same time that the Dispensers begin to smoke. Go with your potato and start using it on the farmland that is in motion . You will automatically see how your inventory begins to fill with more and more potatoes. The best? That you can use this same machine with other types of cultivation to fill your inventory.

Machine design based on the Silentwisperer harvesting machine

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