Minecraft: How To Make A Farming Machine Infinite Experience


Minecraft: How To Make A Farming Machine Infinite Experience

Leveling up in Minecraft can be quite a tedious experience. In Survival Mode, you have to fight or explore to be able to get the necessary points to improve your character, which in turn helps you to make more powerful enchantments for your weapons. But, can you save so much complication? Yes, making this machine to farm infinite experience.

Before we start to explain all the steps to follow or the necessary materials, we advise you to take a look at the definitive Minecraft Guide that we have prepared in AlfaBetaJuega. A compilation with all the commands, tricks and best tips to make the most of the gaming experience.

How the machine is made to farm experience easily and quickly

Leveling up without having to go around killing or taking risks, that is what we propose to you with the machine that we will teach you to build next. We are going to explain how the machine is made to farm infinite experience in Minecraft . A much simpler mechanism than you could imagine, and that will make you level up in just a few seconds.

Before we get down to work, we must explain the materials you need . To find out, just keep reading.

Necessary materials

These are the basic materials you need to make the Experience Farming Machine . Take good note of everything and, if you have quantities to spare, all the better. Remember that, when building, it is always better to have things that are left over than to not be able to finish because you are lacking.

  • 6x Funnel
  • 6x Chest
  • 2x Oven
  • 64x Coal (if more, better)
  • 64x Cactus (if more, better)
  • Two leftover materials in large quantities

1 - Create a large chest
Find any flat surface and place two chests on it together. By doing this, they will automatically turn into a large chest . This is the beginning of your experience farming machine, and trust us, it's critically important that you do it in the first place.

2 - Put the first Funnels
You already have your large chest well placed. Now, place two funnels on top of it as you can see in the image just above these lines. Don't despair if you can't place them, what you have to do is stay crouched . Thus, instead of opening the chest, you can put these hoppers or funnels that we want on it. Once put as seen above, we go to the next step.

3 - Install the ovens
We keep climbing in the construction of our machine. What you have to do now is place an oven on each funnel that you placed in the previous step. Remember that you have to bend down to be able to put them in since, otherwise, you will open the menu of the funnels or hoppers as if you were going to deposit something. We recommend that you create a pillar to climb on it and thus be able to reach this necessary height for the ovens. The result should look like the image above.

4 - Place the last Funnels
Side fuel funnels first

Then the funnels that will connect with the upper chest

These ovens that you have put before need to receive two different types of materials . To organize ourselves well, we are going to first place two funnels, one on the side of each oven as you can see in the first image above.

When you've put them in, now you have to do something very similar to step 3. Put a funnel over each oven as well . The latter will serve to transport the raw material to be used, coming from the upper chest. Remember, again, that you must bend down all the time to be able to place all these blocks. As for the result, the second image above will serve as a reference.

5 - Close the machine with chests
You must place a chest on top of each funnel that you have put in the previous section. If you do it right, on the sides you will have individual chests; but at the top you will have a large chest. What you will finally have is what you see in the image above this paragraph.

6 - Feed the machine
The machine is already built, now what you have to do is feed it so that it can start working. In that sense, what you have to do is fill the side chests with coal, which will be in charge of acting as fuel for the lower furnaces. Add everything you have in these two chests to have a very long-lasting combustion.

After that, go to the large chest above and fill it with cactus, since that is what we are going to use to get the green tint that we will use as a resource for the experience.

7 - Taking advantage of the system
In the large chest below, leave the first row empty and fill everything else with one of the two materials you took as leftovers. In our case, we have used wooden planks and padding as you can see in the first image above.

Now, go to the hoppers or funnels below and fill the four free blocks on the right with any other surplus material . We have used iron blocks, but you can use any other than what is in the large chest below. Thus, this material will not pass and the dye will accumulate in the hoppers.

8 - Earn experience points at close range
When the hoppers are full of dye, go straight to the ovens and grab half of the dye that is being produced. When you do, you will automatically hear the usual sound of experience points, and that is that your character will automatically receive them for doing this. In a matter of seconds you can get from level 0 to 30, and progressively rise. Congratulations, you already have your infinite and automatic experience machine.

Machine based on the Golden Gaming design

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