Minecraft: How to Make a Potion Stand


Minecraft: How to Make a Potion Stand

You can be a good miner, also a great warrior and even the savior of the defenseless, but there is something else you can also be in Minecraft : an Alchemist . In this game there is a tool that, combined with a series of objects, can be used to create all kinds of potions or even generate new objects. It's about Potions Support, and here we are going to explain everything about it.

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A small guide that you can find as part of our gigantic Minecraft Guide . If you want to know everything about this game, go every inch, find every secret and defeat its final boss, don't get too distracted. Find out first what Potion Support is and how to get it, and then return to the link that we have left you to learn much more about this infinite video game.

What is a Potion Holder and what is it for?

You can call it Distiller, Chemical Alembic, or, like most players, Potions Holder . This object is a fundamental tool for anyone who wants to dive into Alchemy within Minecraft . It can be found out there, or it can be manufactured, although here we are going to explain both ways to get it. If you want to get into Potions brewing and actually want to make all Minecraft potions , take note, because this is essential.

Delving into Minecraft Alchemy

The Alchemy is another great Minecraft worlds, with regard to mechanical. Through this you will be able to carry out different types of potions and even combine objects to shape completely new ones. In fact, it is possible to create everything from special weapons to all kinds of crazy things if you let yourself be carried away by the combination of Redstone Powder, carrots, apples, glass jars and much more.

Potions Holder is fundamental to Alchemy , as it is where the necessary ingredients are poured. In addition to that, you need to have a Cauldron, Blaze Powder to feed the flame, a Glass Flask where the resulting potion is poured in case of making one and, in addition, a flask with water to have the base of the potion, in case go make one. It's a very complex underworld, but with tons of pretty cool stuff to enhance your Survival Mode experience.

How to make a Potion Holder

If you want to make a Potion Support, we warn you that you will need to enter the Nether. Yes, to get this tool you need to know how to create a Portal to the Nether , since in the Underworld are the Blaze, mobs that drop an object necessary for the creation of this fundamental tool for Alchemy. You will have to kill several of them to get Blaze Dust from which to generate a Blaze Rod.

Do you already have it? Well then the rest will be much simpler, now you just have to go to a Work Table and combine the following ingredients :

  • Potion Holder - 3x Rock + 1x Blaze Rod
Potion Holder Manufacturing

If you have any luck, you may find some support entering an abandoned village, or even an inhabited one. Do not hesitate to register everything you need if you see a nearby town , because that way you may have direct access to this tool. You will not have to make it, although we advise you to gather the ingredients in case it is necessary to make it. It never hurts to be able to quickly create potions.

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