Minecraft: How to Make a Television


Minecraft: How to Make a Television

You can watch TV in Minecraft ! It is not witchcraft, it is something that you can achieve by building a series of blocks and combining a series of objects. Don't worry, we are going to explain step by step how to make a TV in Minecraft to make your own movies.

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How to make a TV that works in Minecraft without Mods

To make a functional television in Minecraft, it is best to use some of the best mods in the game. However, if you want to do it in any version and without having to install anything additional, we advise you to follow the instructions that we are going to give you.

1 - On the wall of your house, place the screen

Take one of the walls of your house and open a hole 4 blocks wide by 2 high. When you have opened it, you must place inside Black Tinted Glass. Put all the panels so that they fill the gap that you have opened so that it looks like you have a screen. The result has to be as you can see in the image above this paragraph. Take a look before you go on and make sure you got it right.

2 - Place pistons and black blocks at the rear

Now go to the back and place one row of sticky pistons one block below the bottom edge of the screen and another row one block above the top edge of the screen. When you have them in place, you should put a row of black concrete blocks on top of the bottom row of pistons and below the top row of pistons. The final result has to be as seen in the image above. The sticky pistons below will not be visible because they will be level with the ground.

3 - Move the black concrete blocks with Redstone and color the screen

After the above, you have to open a hole in front of the bottom row of pistons and fill it with Redstone Powder to create a circuit. The objective is simple: you have to make everyone activate at the same time and raise the concrete blocks, for which you only need to activate the Redstone with a Redstone Torch. Once you have done it, surround the edge of the screen with a color block, in our case we are going to use blue. Next, do the same with the Redstone and the blocks above, moving the pistons so that all the black concrete blocks are together. You will see the final result in the second image above.

4 - Prepare your TV stage

Now, what you have to do is fill the image on your television with what you want. We are going to use a Wither skull, armor and a sword, placing everything on an armor stand to make it look like a real character. You can do whatever you want as long as you do it in that black frame you just created earlier.

5 - Connect all the Redstone to make the switch for your TV.

Now, we have to connect all the pistons through the Redstone circuits to get an on / off switch. For that, the best thing is to make a kind of block ladder with the blue ones that we have been using and place the Redstone Dust so that the torches from above and below are connected. Once that is done, you have to take a Redstone circuit into the house and connect it with a lever. In this way, you will have the switch with which to turn your television on and off at home.

Take into account the references that are seen in the images on these paragraphs, because only if you replicate that pattern will you be able to get the switch, placed right in that corner of the screen, to move the blocks to simulate turning the screen on and off . When you have it, you are done. You already have your TV working!

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