Minecraft: How to Make a Workbench


Minecraft: How to Make a Workbench

One of the most useful and necessary objects for any Minecraft player . The Desk , better known as the crafting table, probably the utensil in which you spend more hours during your game in Survival mode. Why? You will discover the answer if you keep reading, because we are going to explain how to make the crafting table and everything you need to know about it.

Valheim - How To Craft A Workbench
Valheim - How To Craft A Workbench

Another essential piece of our huge Minecraft guide . If you don't want anything to escape you about the game, its secrets, its best tricks or even the coolest mods and skins, we can only recommend that you take a look. We collect absolutely everything about this gigantic video game . Of course, first find out how crafting tables are made.

How to make a Crafting Table or Work Table in Minecraft

To make the work table you only need 4 blocks of any type of wood . It is important to emphasize that they are blocks, and not logs. If you do not know how to appreciate the difference between one and the other, with all the creations it serves and the types that exist. Are you clear on it? In that case, collect the 4 blocks you need from any nearby tree.

This is what you need for your Crafting Table

Once that is done, the following is as simple as accessing your inventory by pressing the key or button that corresponds to you according to the controls configured in the game . Now, select the Wood blocks and fill the four slots of your crafting window in inventory . You will see that the Crafting Table automatically appears next to it. Accept and you will have it ready to place where you want. We recommend placing it in your Refuge or near any spawn point you have, since it is essential to create most of the things in Minecraft.

What is the Workbench for in Minecraft

The crafting table serves what its name suggests. It is the fundamental tool to be able to craft the vast majority of objects in the game . Its advantage over the normal crafting window is that it has 9 available slots, as opposed to the usual 4 in inventory . It gives many more possibilities, and that is what allows it to be so useful. Getting familiar with it is essential to create your first tools, as well as to take advantage of the rarest minerals and materials.

A fundamental element, with which you have to familiarize yourself as soon as possible if you want to get the most out of your game in Survival Mode . Get used to seeing it, because you are going to bump into it many times during all the hours that you dedicate to the worlds of Minecraft .

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