Minecraft: How to summon the Wither, how to defeat it and what rewards it offers


Minecraft: How to summon the Wither, how to defeat it and what rewards it offers

There are many enemies in Minecraft , but there are some that are quite special. One of the most particular that you can find in the game is the Wither , a very special creature that flies and that can be quite problematic. Not everyone knows how to find it, since it requires following a special procedure, nor do they know how to beat it, since it is very dangerous. Here we are going to explain both: how to summon the Wither and how to defeat it . And as a gift, we also explain what reward it offers.


Pay close attention and follow all our instructions, you will need it if you want to be able to stand up to this most special enemy. Of course, before launching into it, it is recommended that you take a look at our Minecraft guide , since in it we give you more than enough advice to be well prepared in the face of this enemy and any other.

But what or who is the Wither?

The Wither is an enemy that can appear in any of the game worlds. The way to deal with it requires, first of all, that it be invoked. It is not a random mob that appears anywhere, it is one that you must create yourself to face it. A good way to test both you and your friends, since it is one of the most dangerous rivals in Minecraft Survival Mode.

It is a quite violent mob , in fact, it does not mind attacking all kinds of creatures that cross its path. He doesn't care if they are peaceful or not, he wipes out what he sees, except for Wither skeletons, normal skeletons and zombie pigmen. In addition, it is a flying enemy, so it forces you to start combat with a ranged weapon. Despite sharing fierceness, it is different from the Enderdragon, since it focuses only on the player.

How to invoke it

To summon the Wither you need to collect only two different materials, although they will force you to visit the Nether, one of the worlds of Minecraft, to be able to get both. These are the ones you need, and also the quantities needed:

  • 3 Wither Skeleton heads (they come from the Wither Skeletons that you can find in Nether Fortresses).
  • 4 blocks of Arena de Almas (blocks similar to land found in the Nether).

Once you have everything, all you have to do is build the Wither in the most literal sense of the word. Place the blocks of Soul Arena in a "T" shape on the ground and, on each of the 3 blocks at the top, place a Wither skull. The result should be like the following:

How to beat the Wither: his combat routine

When you have invoked him, you have to prepare yourself, because he is not exactly an easy enemy. For starters, the attacks he launches can cause you the Wither state . Its effect is similar to poisoning, with the difference that for every unit of life you lose, he recovers it . It drains your health to stay alive during the battle, so you have to move quickly and reflexes to avoid it, in this sense, it is advisable to have a quality shield and a good ranged weapon.

However, when it loses half its life, this creature creates a shield with which it avoids damage caused by arrows . However, also at that moment it stops flying , so you can attack it with your sword. Keep in mind that it is a flying enemy, and that it will not change its routine until you have taken half of its health. It should also be noted that not only does it attack melee, but it can also attack from a distance by launching Wither Skulls as projectiles. Also, if you play on mobile, when he reaches half life he will launch a Wither skeleton to help him in the fight.

In the event that he kills any of the players thanks to his attacks, their hearts of life will be black , which will prevent you from knowing how you are progressing in combat. Likewise, it is important to emphasize that each head you have shoots separately. If you want to defeat him with ease, equip yourself with spells and an enchanted bow, as well as wearing good diamond armor and a quality sword. With some dexterity, you can kill him solo and easily.

Nether Star, the reward for your victory

If you manage to defeat the Wither, it will drop a Nether Star . It is quite a peculiar material, which can only be destroyed by fire, lava or cacti and emits a glow similar to that of an Ender eye. You can use it to build a lighthouse with which to illuminate and give a special touch to your constructions. Beyond that, it currently doesn't have much more utility than serving as a reward.

At the very least, the gift of victory is more useful than the one you get from killing the Enderdragon .

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