Minecraft mods: what are they and how are they installed step by step


Minecraft mods: what are they and how are they installed step by step

Did you know that there are thousands of mods for Minecraft ? The word mod may sound like Chinese to you, but it's the key to making this game completely change. The user community does not stop creating these modifications, shaping things as famous as Pixelmon , or the already veteran Hunger Games, or even the famous Karmaland that has been so popular on Twitch. All that has its origin in these mods that we are going to tell you about here.

And it is that in our Minecraft guide we not only give you tips, tricks, machines and recommendations to play Minecraft like a pro, we also explain everything you need to enjoy this game 150%. So if you want to know what mods are, how they are installed in all editions and, of course, which ones are the best , we can only tell you one thing: keep reading.

What are mods in Minecraft

The mods, also known as modifications are file packages that can make big changes to Minecraft . They are works made by the community, so they lack official support from Mojang Studios or Microsoft, however, the game allows them to be used without any problem by following the appropriate steps. Thanks to these changes, you can make your Minecraft become a Pokémon game, have many more objects, improved graphics without having to play Minecraft RTX and many other things.

On the internet you can find hundreds of mods for Minecraft . There are those that improve performance on less powerful computers, those that improve the graphics much more, those that create new monsters, new weapons, change game mechanics ... The potential is unlimited, which makes you have even more possibilities to enjoy a unique experience with this title. Although you should know a very important detail, you cannot install any mod in Minecraft for consoles , they are not compatible with this option.

How to install mods in Minecraft

It does not matter which edition of Minecraft you play in, because you will always be able to install mods, or at least until Mojang Studios decides to change things. In this section we are going to explain the process of installing mods in Minecraft: JAVA Edition and also in Minecraft for Windows 10 . We are sorry to tell you that you will not be able to do it on consoles, since they are not compatible with this possibility, so you will only be able to follow our instructions if you play on PC.

Before continuing, you must be clear that you will need to download the mods previously . If you want a good selection, later in this guide you have a compilation with the best Minecraft mods. Continue descending until you reach the section in question, you have no loss whatsoever.

How to install mods in Minecraft: JAVA Edition

To install mods in Minecraft: JAVA Edition you need not only to have your copy of the game, but also additional software called Forge, in addition to doing a bit of exploring the files on your computer. Do not worry, because we will explain everything step by step so that you do not get lost at any time. If you follow our instructions, you can modify the game to your liking and without problems.

This is what you have to do, pay close attention:

  • Go to the Forge website ( click here ) and download the latest version.
  • When the download has finished, open the Forge installer. Keep in mind that it is a file in .jar format, since it is from Java.
  • Inside the installer, make sure the option to install the client is checked and accept to get it started.
  • When it finishes installing, you have to copy the mods you want to use in the appropriate folder. To do this, open the file explorer on your PC, activate the option to see hidden files and files and access this path: "C: \ Users \ NAME OF YOUR USER \ AppData \ Roaming.minecraft".
  • Inside this folder, look for the mods folder. If it isn't, just create it.
  • Now, copy your mods into this folder that you have created, or that was already there.
  • Once this is done, open Minecraft and select Forge as your game profile. It is important that you choose the one that corresponds to your version of Minecraft. You can now enjoy the mods you have downloaded.

How to install mods in Minecraft for Windows 10

Although it is less and less prone to it, you can install mods in Minecraft W10 . To do this, you just have to follow the simple instructions that we are going to give you below. The process is certainly very simple. In addition, you can always resort to the paid variants that are in the Marketplace and that offer even more experiences to test the enormous potential that this video game offers thanks to the community of creators behind it.

If you are going to use the free mods, these are the steps to follow. If not, and you want to use the paid ones, you just have to enter the marketplace within the game and select what interests you.

  • Download the mod you want to install.
  • When you have it, double click on the mod and Minecraft will open automatically.
  • Now, follow the process to create a new world.
  • When you can modify the settings of your new world, check the box for Use experimental play and activate it. You accept.
  • Now, click on Resource Packs.
  • On the right side of the screen, go to your collection and select the mod that you have downloaded. You already have it.

The best Minecraft mods

With so many years of running, there are tons of mods for Minecraft available today. If you want to go to a fixed shot and focus solely and exclusively on the best, we have taken care of making a selection with the creme de la creme . We have already prepared a compilation with the best Minecraft mods that you will be able to find today, and what is better, they are all completely free.

From Optifine to Botania to experiment with flowers, or EnderIO to add even more tools, or also BiblioCraft to have more objects and blocks. The options are almost endless, so take a look at the link below and do not miss anything:

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