Minecraft: Nether Quartz - How to get it and what to craft with it


Minecraft: Nether Quartz - How to get it and what to craft with it

The Infra-Quartz, also known as Nether Quartz . Another of many minerals that you can find if you start exploring Minecraft thoroughly. An object not very common and not too useful in terms of a variety of creations, although it is one of the most interesting for what it is capable of doing. Do you want to know it thoroughly? Well, keep reading, because we are going to explain how to find Quartz and what to make with it .

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What is Nether Quartz and how is it obtained?

Nether Quartz, Infra-Quartz or Dry Quartz . It doesn't matter what you call it, because this mineral is always the same and found in the same places. It is not something excessively common, especially since it forces you to travel to one of the game worlds, and not exactly to the Overworld. Also, it is not a particularly interesting one to create tools, since its use is quite limited. Even so, we are going to explain how to get it and, of course, what you can make with it.

How to get Quartz

To get the Quartz, the first thing you have to do is travel to the Nether . This element is not found in the Overworld, but it is in the Underworld for which you have to create a portal capable of traveling between the worlds of Minecraft . When you are in this place, all you have to do is chop blocks of Nether Quartz with an iron pickaxe on, no stone or wood.

By doing that, you may get Quartz Ore that you will have to take to the Smelting Furnace . When you put it on fire with any fuel, you will get Nether Quartz units , what you really need to craft items and make all kinds of creations.

What to make with the Infra-Quartz

Quartz is not the most useful material in the world , although it is key to certain mechanisms that start from the use of Redstone Powder.

You can use pieces of Quartz to create stairs or blocks of Quartz with a suitable amount, but, if you are looking for something beyond, then you will have to go to the workbench.

Forget the smelting furnace, because you won't be able to use it here. All the potential of this mineral is on the crafting table, as we are going to explain to you now.

Work table

Everything you can do with this material from the Nether or Underworld takes place on the game's workbench . Therefore, if you want to take advantage of it, pay attention to the list that we leave you below:

  • Quartz Block - 4x Nether Quartz
  • Sunlight Sensor - 3x Crystal + 3x Nether Quartz
  • Diorite - 2x Rock + 2x Nether Quartz
  • Observer - 6x Rock + 2x Redstone Dust + 1x Nether Quartz
  • Redstone Switch - 3x Redstone Torch + 3x Stone + 1x Nether Quartz

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