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Minecraft: Obsidian - How to get it and what to make with it


Minecraft: Obsidian - How to get it and what to make with it

Minecraft Obsidian is a really important material. In fact, it is the key to visiting one of the worlds in the game. If you want to know everything about her, you just have to keep reading. Here you have the most complete guide to Obsidian, in which we explain what it is, how it is obtained and what is made with it. In short, everything you need to know.

Another part of our very complete Minecraft Guide with tricks and secrets . Do you want to dominate this video game as if you have been playing all your life? Well then read all the tips and tricks that we tell you in it. They will completely change the way you see this video game, we guarantee it.

What is Obsidian and how is it obtained?

Obsidian (Obsidian in the English version) is a block of purple color that has a great resistance. It is the result of contact between lava and water, when they interact as we explained in our guide on what to do with lava . It is a very interesting material because, although you cannot create many with it, it is essential to travel to one of the 3 worlds of Minecraft , the Nether or Underworld .

How to get Obsidian

You know what it is, now we are going to explain how to get Obsidian in Minecraft . The only way this block appears is when the lava is placed on top of the water, not when they come into contact laterally or superficially. The best way to get Obsidian is to create an artificial well in the game and put a good amount of lava first. Then, with a bucket, pour water on top and those purple blocks will appear, those of Obsidian.

Now, to be able to extract them safely, the first thing you should do is keep in mind that there is lava underneath, and that it can kill you in seconds. It is also essential that you keep in mind that not just any peak is worth it. To extract Obsidian you must use a Diamond Pick , and it is not worth using another. It will take 7.5 seconds to break it, but you will be able to extract the material you want. If you use another pickaxe, you will be able to break the block, but you won't get anything from it.

It can also be found in some chests scattered around different Overworld or Nether Fortresses, even in Blacksmiths or trading with some Villagers. It is a much easier way to get it, but also a lot more risky.

What to make with Obsidian

You cannot craft many items with Obsidian, in fact there are only 3 crafting options. Now, with it you can build a Portal that takes you to the Underworld in Minecraft . That is the most important use it has, because otherwise, as you will see below, it is not something especially useful and / or necessary.