Minecraft: Rock - How to find it and what to make with it


Minecraft: Rock - How to find it and what to make with it

One of the most common actions in Minecraft is the collection of materials. You need resources to be able to build everything you need to defend yourself or to bring out your most creative side, and one of the most used resources is the Rock. We are going to focus on it right now, and we are going to explain what the Rock is, how you can find it and, above all, what can be made with Rock in Minecraft .

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What is the Rock and how is it achieved?

The Rock, also known as Cobblestone in the English version of the game, or even as cobblestone, pebble or carved stone , is a dark and gray block that usually looks like a paved area when placed anywhere. It is the ideal material to be able to make good walls in the game, as well as to build houses, castles, towers and any structure for which you need something resistant against any external agent. It has a variant known as mossy stone.

How to get Rock

To find Rock you just need to explore the Overworld , the world where you always appear in Survival Mode. It has the same frequency in any version of Minecraft, so you will find it easily if you descend 3 or 4 layers from the surface level. You can also find it if you know the behavior of lava . To be able to extract it as material, however, it will not be enough to use your cubic bare hands.

If you want to be able to extract blocks of Rock to be able to use it as a crafting and construction material , you need to use a pick of any material. Otherwise, it will take much longer to break its blocks and doing so will give you nothing. Use a pickaxe and you can easily break the blocks and also get this resource for anything you want to create with it.

What can you create with Roca

Rock is quite a versatile material. Next, let's see what you can create with it both through casting and manufacturing. We will see both aspects of creating this material below.

On the work table

If you have a workbench, here we explain how to create it, you can do tons of things with the Rock. From making other material for structures to making tools. Here is the complete list of creations with Roca for Minecraft:

  • Andesite - Diorite + Rock
  • Stone Hoe - 2x Rock + 2x Stick
  • Diorite - Rock + Nether Quartz
  • Dispenser - 7x Roca + Arco + Redstone
  • Rock Stairs - 6x Rock
  • Stone Sword - 2x Rock + Stick
  • Stone Ax - 3x Rock + 2x Stick
  • Oven - 8x Roca
  • Rock Slab - 3x Rock
  • Rock Wall - 6x Rock
  • Lever - Rock + Stick
  • Stone Pick - 3x Rock + 2x Stick
  • Piston - 4x Rock + Iron Ingot + Redstone
  • Mossy Rock - Rock + Creeper
  • Potion Holder - 3x Rock + Blaze's Rod
  • Dropper - 7x Rock + Redstone

In the smelting furnace

In case you want to see what can be done with the Rock in the Oven, the truth is that the fan is very small. There is only one creation for now, and it is the one you are going to see below:

  • Stone - Rock + Any fuel

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